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  1. Nice Job! You look so happy and proud... and you should be! Congrats! :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo
  2. Stacey~ Congratulations! You look so happy and tiny! Way to go! Thanks for sharing your victory pictures!
  3. That was so funny! I absolutely did not see that coming! THanks for sharing!
  4. That is too cute! i'm going to re-tell it at work today! Thanks for my morning laugh!
  5. How fun is that?! Thanks for starting my morning with a smile!
  6. Oh yeah! These are my favorite apples ever! I've been known to buy 2-12 count containers of them at Costco during a once a week trip! DELISH!
  7. Bonnie~ Just gotta tell you again.... WOW! What a difference! You look fantastic!
  8. You have the best jokes! Loved it! Thanks for posting it!
  9. Wow! Great find! usually those 90-100 calorie bars have 0-1gm of fiber. Any other flavors?
  10. Yum! I'm on my way now, so thanks for the heads up! Don'tcha just love TJ'S!
  11. Count me in for the "Walkvest Lovefest". I only added 2 lbs and wore it on my elliptical. Wowee, I noticed it! I'm very happy I bought it.
  12. Yay Linda!! After 4 kids, I have no "needs to be smashed" issues I got the "keep them off my kneecaps" issues!" HAha! (The kids were totally worth losing them for!) I can't wait to try the vest tomorrow. This dang knee..... Carol, I didn't even think about the extra weights. What do they run? And how many do ya think one needs to buy? Linda.. hope your hubby has good luck with his"invention". Keep us posted! Man, Marshall's oughta give us a discount! BCB is keeping them in business! I'm so glad for everybody!
  13. Bridget, I'm so happy to read your "sweaty review"! Had to ride the recumbent bike today, cuz of the knee, but can't wait for tomorrow to try it on the elliptical! It sounds like everybody is standing up straighter when they wear it, too!
  14. Hi Carol, Sorrry I didn't get back to you sooner,(crazy day yesterday). I found it at Marshall's. It's the Debbie Rocker Walkvest. It is in a box (pic of her on it) that says Gaiam (I think they're the yoga/pilates distributors). It's the same one from her website (black/DVD/weights). I looked again and I was wrong... I only paid 24.99!! How cool is that?! I'm still not sure about my knee for this a.m., but I just know I'm gonna love it! Happy comtemplating!
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