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  1. I am confused about something. Why isn't 93% ground turkey no longer a Power Food, but 93% ground beef is? I thought the whole time that ground turkey is healthier than ground beef?
  2. Sodacracker, I live in Canada as well and I can;t seem to find it. Do you know where you have seen it as I have most recently been to Sobey's and the leanest was 15% fat
  3. Can someone explain something to me please...where do you all find 93% extra lean ground beef?? Every grocer/butcher I have been to has a minimum of 15% fat and they say to get 7% fat is almost impossible. The 15% fat I found was ground beef sirloin. This is what the nutiritional value of the package says...am I misunderstanding??? As well is original Fiber One cereal still a Power food? If yes how can that be since the ingredients name sugar or some form of it in the list? Thanks
  4. I have not posted here in ages only to come back and find out there are Power Foods. What I used to enjoy freely have been resticted to points plus. I need some clarification. Can someone please tell me the following: 1) I can still have the potatoes, pasta, rice but it is no longer restriced to once a day? 2) Does the rule 6-8 glasses of water/day and two dairy products/day (40yrs old) apply? 3) FF evaporated milk and plain soya cheese are no longer power food...just ff soya cheese? FINALLY...puffed cold cereal is not a power food becasue it isn't 4g of fiber. Thank you for taking your time to reply!!!
  5. I have a few questions about this product. I guess a full serving is 1/3 cup dry powder...whatever the serving amount is on the back of the package? As well, if 1/3 cup dry powder milk makes 1 cup of milk mixed wiht water...would it be the equivalent of just sprinkling the powder on my food or does it HAVE to be mixed with water???
  6. camacho64


    I am a lurker...but can someone please refresh my memory? Is it 1pt for 2TBS of powdered PB2, or one point for 2TBS of prepared PB2... after it is mixed with water?
  7. I understand it should be lean....but is it limited to 7% fat??? What would you guys consider a reasonable percent fat for ground chicken?
  8. I am kind of confused about somehting and I can't find any previous answers here. I know that ground chicken is limited to once a day, but is it any percentage fat or is it limited to 7% fat like ground beef?
  9. Can someone please tell me if the 4% fat free popcorn is still core or a filling food?
  10. Can someone please tell me if cocoa..not hot chocolate is core? Or simply filling? Or am I confusing things? I just kind find whta the limitation is...once a day rule?
  11. Can anyone please tell me if Roast Beef is core? I will be making this myself.
  12. I ahve purchased some individual Quaker Grits, but they are flavoured: Cheese blend flavours. I am assuming these arenlt core right? Just the plain grits are?
  13. Can someone please tell me if smoked salmon is core?
  14. Does a cup of Soya milk count as a serving of a milk product?
  15. Can someone please tell me if orange sweet potatoes is part of the one a day potatoe rule? Or can I have regular potatoes at one meal, and then sweet potatoes another time of the day.
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