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  1. Morning! So I decided to pick up some ground turkey meat. I love making the patties for work. I just put spices in it and then bake them. But I counted the points on the back of the carton and I figured its abot 6 points for 4oz of turkey meat. Does that make sense? That is a lot? Any help would be great!
  2. NJB


    Good Afternoon!!! I have a question about wraps. If I do have a sandwich I am finding myself lately having a spinach wrap instead of a roll or bread. I have no clue what the pts are though. For example today I went to a deli and they had spinach wraps and tomatoe wraps. Sometimes you find out these are worse because they are loaded with secret ingrediants. Anyway Does anyone know?? Thanks for your help
  3. Has anyone tried one of these resturants before? I looked on Dotti's site and she doesn;t have it listed. I never have been and wanted to know maybe if anyone had any suggestions on what to order. Hope everyone has a great day!!!
  4. Ok so I usually don't buy WW stuff. Its to expensive and I also think its better to stick with "real" food. I picked up these chocolate cakes and they are tasty. I am not a sweet eater but this is just really small taste of sweet. Its one point for a whole treat! So all you chocolate lovers I think this is great. Now there are also 6 cakes in each box which is not bad.
  5. Thank you ALL!!! Acutally I looked up the lettece wraps they have at PF Changs and they are so many points, I can;t believe it!!! Anyway i will look over the menu and put half of it in a togo container right away. You all made my night a little better!!!
  6. I believe I might be faced going to the cheesecake factory tonight. I am not a dessert lover...thank god. So I am ok on that. I am not sure about the menu there though. I tried dottis weight loss zone and she doesn't have any points down for the food. I usually would order salmon with Herbs but not sure what the point value would be. Can anyone help? Even if you could give me a website that I could find some info. Thanks
  7. Thank you all. Its a recipe I got from this site: This is comfort food. CP Pork Chops in Creamy Sauce 4 pork chops, lean, loin 2oz each = 12 points 1 cup fresh, sliced mushrooms= 0 points 1 cup chopped spanish onion= 1 point 1 can Campbells Half Fat Cr.of Mushroom Soup =3 points Onion Soup Mix, 2 TBSP, =1 point 4 lrg new potatoes, sliced = 12 points Layer potatoes on bottem, then onions, then chops. Sprinkle with onion soup mix. Layer mushrooms on top, the top with the cream soup. Cook on low for 8 hrs. 4 servings = 7.5 points per serving
  8. They say you can't reheat a meal in a crock pot. how are you suppose to reaheat the meal if it cooked over night and you are having it for dinner in 8 hours?
  9. Hi all I made a low fat dish in the crockpot during the night. So tonight i need to heat it up for dinner. They say not to reheat in crockpot. What do I do?
  10. NJB

    Chipolte Mexican

    So I made it through. I had a bowl with just lettece, chicken, tomatoe and cheese. I guess around 10 points not so bad. Thanks for your help!!!
  11. NJB

    Chipolte Mexican

    Thank you for your advice. You know I thought about the sodium issue. Its my first week of weigh in. I am a lifetimer that got a little lazy and gained back 24 lbs so I am on the road of taking it off. Yikes, maybe I should eat something else on my own.
  12. Good Morning!! I have a question of Chipolte. I am going there with a bunch of people for lunch today and really want to watch what I eat. I am weighing in tonight. I really wish I wasn't faced with this but I think I can make a decent choise. When I went before WW I use to get a bowl with steak, cheese, sour cream, and corn. i know this is off the scale. Meaning when I look at the point values its not worth it to me. So, I was just wondering if anyone has been and decided what was a decent meal in a decent point range there. thanks for your help!
  13. Thank you so much! 4 points that is not bad at all!
  14. Good Morning! I was looking at Dotti's website and still couldn't find the information about how many points Pop Secret 94% Fat Free Popcorn is? Can anyone help? Thanks
  15. These bagels are GREAT! Thanks to the product reviews here on BCB because I went right to the website and ordered the 6 bags! I brought a whole bag into work and the girls that are OP are so excited! These are great..look forword to more products that are low in points!
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