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  1. Great job and great way to start the holiday season!
  2. those moments make me feel so proud! the hardest part is saying "no", then you walk away feeling like a million bucks! enjoy the nsv!
  3. You look amazing! Keep up the good work. It is so inspiring to see progress pix!
  4. Thanks! That is what I saw as well. I mostly eat Ezekial (the original one) and just tried Uncle Sam's Original. Without milk or yogurt it can get quite "snacky", so I have to be careful, but it appeared to me that the rules were gone. Just wanted to see if anyone else interpreted it the same way.
  5. does cold cereal still need to be eaten with milk or yogurt to be simply filling? i cannot find a reference to that requirement anywhere, but i know on momentum that was the case.
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