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  1. Jack, you're a wealth of knowledge. As this past weekend was my first 5K, I was curious as to why there was a "chip" time and an "official" time and the worker bees kept asking the runners if there were discrepencies. Interesting to know why all of that was happening. Thanks Jack!
  2. Thanks for the encouragement everyone. Amy, when I first started I wasn't too sure how things were going to go but the further I went, I became more self assured and when I saw that 2M mile, I knew I was going to finish no matter how long it took me! I'm looking for another one in either December or January. I'm hoping to be at a better pace by then.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a new runner and haven't posted very often here but I now feel like I can join the ranks. I do read the tips and read often. I completed my first 5K today. I probably walked as much as I ran so my time is not good but I did finish 6th in my age group and I didn't finish last I'll be working on definately getting myself in better shape for the next one!
  4. Congratulations on the 2nd win Red Team! Way to go LOSERS!
  5. Congratulations Red Team! Way to LOSE!
  6. That's wonderful Michael! Congratulations and great job!
  7. Because of the fiber in the Instant Breakfast.
  8. Hey Red Team, I'm down 3.8 this week! Woo hoo! That should make up for my maintain last week! I also hit my 10% with this loss! I only needed .4 for that but am thrilled with the "buffer"! Ya'll have a great week!
  9. Have you tried the Fiber One Yogurt? It's really good and because of the fiber, it's only 1 pt.
  10. My daughter drinks the Carnations Instant Breakfast quite often while dashing out the door for school so I thought I'd try to make a smoothie for her, out of it. I came up with the 2.5 pt smoothie. 1-pkg SF Carnation Instant Breakfast, we used chocolate 8 oz FF milk 1 c frozen fruit, we used strawberries but next time we'll use bananas Blend and enjoy! This ended up with 1 svg dairy, 1 svg fruit, and 7g of fiber! Delish!
  11. LOL - Great point! I plan to run outside at least 1 time before November 1. Thanks for the advice! That's great to know. Thanks for the encouragement everyone!
  12. Hi everyone, I'm working on the C25K program using a treadmill. I've been wanting to do a run outside but it's hot out. I should have taken advantage of the cooler weather last week but didn't. I have a friend that said running on the treadmill is "cheating" and that you don't work as hard as when running outside. So, what do you think? Am I cheating using the treadmill and not getting the full workout? I'm also wondering this because when I do the 5K I have registered for on November 1, will it be harder since I haven't been training outside? Just wondering ya'll thoughts.
  13. Christine: Congrats on your 10mile run! I know you were a bit anxious about it! Great job, gf! Jack: Great run time! Very nice. I'm still plugging away on the c25k. I'm working on W5/W6. I used the wrong podcast last week and did a W6 which I almost completed but it was very hard. I went back and did W5D2 but didn't do as well as I'd like to so I'm going to redo it. I don't think I'm ready for a 20 minute run. Good luck to all of you runners!
  14. Hi Mimi, It's interesting you've posted about broth based soups. When I was shopping yesterday, I found several soups from Cambells that have the calorie count on the front - 80 c, 90c and 100c per serving. There is a vegetable, minestrone and something else. The 80 and 90 cal are right at 3 pts for the whole can! I didn't eat the whole can but my husband would and it's something low cal enough that I can give him without him thinking he's eating "low-cal"! Keep the tips coming!
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