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  1. I made these this weekend and they actually turned out really good even my hubby keeps heating them up. They stay together very well I dont even need a bun, just been takin them in my lunch.
  2. WTG Awesome job!! I bet you feel amazing!!
  3. I got here all kinna excited thinkin it was a 0 point treat lol. I will have to check them out!
  4. Wierd I used the slider also and because of the 4g of fiber it came out to be 1pt for the chocolate... I better check my math when I get home.
  5. I just bought them at Walmart after they talked about them at a meeting. I havent tried them yet but wow @ 1pt per pack on the chocolate. Sounds worth it to me!! And yes I found them with the hostess and little debbie cakes in the bread isle. They were on about the third shelf down.
  6. Thank you all for your support... This is a great place to be a part of. I made my 10% goal on Thursday's weigh in!! Start weight was 199, I needed to lose 19 for my 10% and im down 20.2!! Wooo hooo!
  7. You look great! Keep up the good work. It is amazing how much your can tell by just a head shot wow!
  8. You know you look good when you can pull off white pants!! Wooo Hooo lol
  9. Great Job!! I agree how did you get those abs??? I lost 75 and was 130.5 @ 24% bodyfat and couldnt get abs like that! Looking good for sure!!
  10. BetsyLee


    When you feel that your body is telling you that walking isnt enough anymore but your not ready to run, my trainer told me to start walkin sideways at 1.2 and backwards at 1.5-1.7. It doesnt hurt your knees but boy you can tell the difference. Your workout walking is at Low Intensity and doing that is Moderate to High depending on the speed you work up too. I would start slow but he makes me do 15 min backwards and 10 minutes on each side.
  11. BetsyLee

    Met 10% Goal

    WTG WTG I bet you feel wonderful!! What an accomplishment!!
  12. I saved this website ty! I have been looking for some 1pt snacks.
  13. I have looked for it and am not even sure what sections to look in. I would love to know also.
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