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  1. Karen, I sure do miss you on the board. I miss your informative articles and the recipes!!!


    Hope you are doing well. Will be down there soon and I will call you for a get together.


    Take care. Hug those puppies for me.

  2. I have some frozen shrimp that I will roast with olive oil, s&p and eat on pasta... ?? Not as good as Katy's fresh but it will have to do... We had pork roast tenderloin last night...it was yummy.
  3. Sandy, snow?? wow... I think we are all ready for spring! Enough! Hope your day goes by fast for you. I'm so sleepy I can barely hold my head up. Nancy, are you napping? Katy, you napping too! ... no fair! lol... I would be too if I was home. I wish you both a safe trip tomorrow! We will plan to get together next week.... I want to see you before you go back home!
  4. Rhonda, I know! Time is flying! I just don't know what I want for dinner... cereal?? lol... R would frown. It has been very quiet here this afternoon but I hear another cold front is headed our way so we will get busy. Keri worked about a 1/2 day...she was very very quiet and sad looking .... said she needed her ice pack. I think she's a little down too because no one has called to check on her...meaning her family (except me)
  5. Morning Tanya! Is the weather nice for you? I have never played golf...not sure I want to.
  6. Morning Buddies!! Katy, so sorry you have to leave this soon. When will you be back? Your day yesterday sounds wonderful and very relaxing!!
  7. Hello buddies!! Tired buddy but I wanted to say hello... I'm on the run but will try to stop back in a little later!
  8. Nancy, lol!! I wondered if you thought Cleveland was that close to me... I was so confused.. Funny about B. lurking around the shower.. I dropped a lid last night in the shower and I waited to see if R was going to come running to see if I fell. I didn't think he did and all of a sudden he says "do you want a back scrub" ....haha ...Scared me to death! I'm glad you are up and about. Katy, what time is happy hour?? lol Rhonda, did you get your nap? I have to go see about my 'patient' after work today. She's expecting me to bring her something to eat..haha
  9. Katy, that does sound good!! Yummmm I love lima beans too.
  10. Hello buddies!! Katy, I'm so sorry to hear about Scott's uncle .. Sending prayers and thoughts your way. Esther, a pot of beans sounds wonderful. I think that's what I will put on for tomorrow. Hopefully all of these tests will come back fine too on Ger. Rhonda, have a good nap. Hope your party is very good! Tanya, enjoy your day! Lisa, glad you could check in. Have a good day! My day has been swamped since I was out on Friday. Have been thinking of all of you though...never far from my thoughts I have a dr's appt tomorrow afternoon too for a follow up. Keri's procedure went very well, the dr. felt like it was a success and would give her some relief from the pain and maybe for a longer time than just 6 months. I hope so. She's will probably be back to work on Wed. It usually takes 4 or 5 days to recover. Nancy, have been trying to follow you some on FB. Hope you are doing okay today. Did I see a message about us meeting up in Cleveland??
  11. Katy, I promise! haha.. that was the best shrimp.... We can't buy anything like that around here.
  12. Hey Sandy! I have been extremely busy this morning trying to get ready to be off tomorrow. Three more hours...yay! Your day going ok?
  13. Wow...2 pages!! You guys are chatterboxes today Hello buddies!!
  14. Morning Sandy! Everyone is in place today...should be fairly quiet. I hope because I'm just blah...haha
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