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  1. Merry Christmas to everyone!! I hope you all get to spend time with your families! I agree laurdee, it's not about the food!
  2. hi,

    how are you? If you go to the weight watcher website they have an at home kit.

    I have one but , I found this website for support.


  3. I would like to join you all in the Delta Force posts. I am very serious on getting on plan so I can not only lose weight but to get myself healthy. My diabetes is way out of control, so I'm going to work very hard to get it back under control. It's great to be back at this board
  4. I was wondering what Delta Force was also. I haven't been to the board in a long time. I just haven't been online as much as I used to be. I definitely have to keep up!
  5. That's a really cool recipe! I will try that Tammy
  6. I was thinking of signing up for Weight Watchers Online. I still have the books from when I joined last year but I know I can't make the meetings. I'm just debating if it is worth it also.
  7. I do want to look good but my weightloss efforts is mainly for my health and for me to get my diabetes under control. I'm wanting to feel better, not so tired and stressed also. I do want to feel better about the way I look also though.
  8. Do any of you use Michelle Dozois' exercise DVD's? I bought two and the one I have tried and really like it! It's called "Fat to Firm Fast" (pick your level) and also the Dance off the inches Fat Burning Jam. I haven't tried the Dance off the inches one yet but plan to this week. Tammy
  9. I have worried about the same thing! I lost 46 pounds so far and I don't have loose skin at all. I still have between 63-69 pounds to lose, not too sure on my goal weight yet. I am going to drink a lot more water! I drink about 6 cups a day but I would like to drink 8-10. I am also finding DVD aerobic programs that use hand weights. I really want to do more strengthening training. Tammy
  10. Welcome back I rejoined the board with a new name last night but I have been having the same problem. I had problems with depression and my nerves but finally dealt with it by going to see my family doctor. Now I am ready to get back on track and finally get the rest of the weight off. I lost 52 pounds before and because I wasn't watching I am down 45 pounds now instead of 52 but I'm glad I am stopping myself before I put more weight back on. It's great to be back!! Tammy
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