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  1. Hi Buddies...after a long hiatus I am finally back. I have been extremely busy with work and kids but has made up my mind to take of me. This year is dedicated to me. Time to get serious and get this weight off once and for all. Glad to be back. I've missed my buddies.
  2. Hi Buddies - Its a pretty low key day here for me. I have a sick child that I am tending. I missed church but DH and DD went this morning. I had a pretty great week this past week was down 3 lbs. Woohoo!! Here's to a relaxing close to your weekend!
  3. Good morning - I have been up for about an hour as well Lfia. Thats when DD woke up and I haven't been able to get back to sleep. Oh well. I might as well get up and begin my day. I have lots of cleaning to do. Lfia.......Enjoy your painting! Have a great day !!
  4. Good morning - A quick drive by this morning to just to check in and say hi to everyone. Things are still looking good this week although I didn't work out this morning. I will definitely get in 30 min during lunch to make up for not getting it done this morning.
  5. Excited about this challenge and happy to be a part of the Black team. Lets do this buddies! The Black Team SW = 206 GW for challenge = 190 Weigh in day = Sunday BL Challenge 3/2/09 Week 1 (3/2 - 3/8): 203 (-3.0) Week 2 (3/9 - 3/15): 199 (-4.0) Week 3 (3/16 - 3/22):198.3 (-.7) Week 4 (3/23 - 3/29): 198.3 (same) Week 5 (3/30 - 4/5): 197 (-1.3) Week 6 (4/6 - 4/12): 197 (same) Week 7 (4/13 - 4/19): 197 (same) Grrr!!! Week 8 (4/20 - 4/26): same ...seemed to have hit a plateau!!! Grrr! Week 9 (4/27 - 5/3): no change Week 10 (5/4 - 5/10):
  6. Good Morning!!! Up early and ready to start my day. I have already completed one hour on the treadmill. I have the kids bags packed and my lunch packed. I joined the Biggest Loser challenge here at BCB and am eager to get back on track. I am been in a rut for a while. I think I might need to try Carol's beans. Better get moving. Have a great day!
  7. My starting weight is 206. I weigh in on Sundays.
  8. Good Morning - Although I am not at 100%, I am back at work today. I didn't have the energy to get up and work out at 4am as planned. Instead I awoke and took tylenol. I do feel but just not completely better. I do plan to work out during my lunch break. Becky....kudos to you, your partners and your staff for having chili instead of pizza. Lfia...Have fun shopping. Have a great day!
  9. Good morning Buddies- Still a little under the weather today so I am staying home. Just finished an hour workout on the tm and now its back to bed. I don't have much of an appetite so I think I will make a big pot of soup to eat on until I feel better. Have a great one!
  10. Hi Buddies - A late check in for me as my cold seems to be developing into something esle. I sure hope not strep. I really don't want that. So its been a pretty low key day for me. Have a wonderful close to your weekend.
  11. Hi Buddies - I started the day off with an early morning workout on the treadmill. I did two interval programs for a total of one hour. Then went to meet some friends at a park and walked three miles. Now, its off to get dressed and run out to do a little shopping. I want to take the kids out bowling but we will see.
  12. Hey Buddies - A quick check in from me. I am still hanging in there. Have been extremely busy lately, dealing with sick kids and ultimately got sick myself. At home today trying to recover. I finally got my new treadmill. I ended up going with the Reebok from Sam's Club. I tested it out last night and its really cool. So each and every morning I will be getting my exercise in 1st thing which I hope will kick my weightloss into high gear. Off to lie back down. Here's to an OP day and wonderful weekend.
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