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  1. I bought their thousand Island dressing, it's not bad. The ceasar one is gross... Just my opinion.
  2. I took a step aerobics class today. It was 1 hour long. The last 20 min was 10 min ab work (difficult!) followed by 10 min of cool down & stretching etc. Would you enter it as 40 min step class, 50 min step class or 60 min step class? (4pts, 5pts or 6 pts). I would've entered 40 min... just wondering what's the correct way. On my regular work outs, I don't enter the time I use for cool down, only the time I've used for acutal work out
  3. I just got my new Ipod Nano (YAY) Just wondering what's on your workout music list.
  4. I'm sorry I don't have the answer. I've looked too because I really enjoy these! Maybe email the company??/ Another idea is to check the nutritional info on the big bottle of clamato at the store and then add 1oz of alcohol to that #. My best guess would be 3pts. (I think Clamato even has fibre!) Yummm
  5. I can't decide and I am always going back and forth. Week to week... day to day. I love the ease of core... I love the versatility of flex. I know I need to make a decision one way or the other... Just thought I'd get some insight. Holly
  6. That was excellent! I guessed right on lots of them. Led to lots of interesting info.
  7. If that title makes any sense... I am not a breakfast person. I can do with a light lunch. Dinner gets bigger and then I am hungry-ish and snacky all night long. I'd like to switch it around. I'd rather learn to eat a good size breakfast, healthy lunch & snacks during the day and a smaller dinner. Maybe a light evening snack of some sort. Anyhow, I don't know how to go about doing this since I always feel so hungry in the evenings and in turn, I feel pretty full when I wake up. Do you even think it will make a difference? I really believe it will... Normally I've been having a 2pt breakfast, a 3-4pt lunch and 5-6pts for dinner... the rest snacks.
  8. Just wondering what yours is... I need some ideas for 4pts or less.
  9. Haven't had them forever but the guiltless gourmet tortilla chips are pretty good!
  10. I am making them for fathers day. Back ribs, baked and then BBQ'd. I know it's high, I'm making rotisserie chicken too but I need to know how many ribs I can afford... even if it's just one! Anyone know? I looked on Calorie King but could only find prepared pork ribs or country style ribs (don't really knwo what that is!). Thanks
  11. Not the obvious (fruit, veggies, lettuce, skim milk). The other stuff... Just got back from a holiday and my fridge is EMPTY. I am going back on flex tomorrow and need to do my shopping. Of course I will fill it with veggies and some fruit but what else makes your cut?
  12. THis is the exact same as my rice pudding recipe... except for the barley. Made it using your recipe/measurements tonight! Delicious. I only used 3/4c Splenda and it was plenty. Other than that, yummy, warm and creamy. Will for sure make this again. Thanks for the great recipe. Holly
  13. and how many points would you count for it??? I don't eat fish... so that's out. My choice would be the surf & turf. The lobster/truffle/mac&cheese... mmmmmmmm It is 2 weeks to get a reservation here and we have one. The wine list is 50 pages... no exaggeration. So there will be 4-6 pts at least there... http://www.hardwaregrill.com/ Can't wait!
  14. Fried Mushroom Sandwich & Soup (just fry up some mushrooms (0pts) and put on WW toast... 1pt + soup Pizza (on tortilla) & Salad The tortillas I use are 3pts plus I use 1pt for cheese. I load it up with veggies, oregano & 0pts of tomato sauce. Pop it in the toaster oven, serve with salad. Frozen stirfry type dinners... I then fry (in pam) a whole pile of veggies & some ginger and add it to the frozin stirfry dinner for a huge 4pt meal. There are a few that fall in the 4pts category. I take most frozen dinners and 'volumize' by adding loads of veggies... zucchini, mushroom & peppers to pasta ones, bok choy, asparagus, celery to chinese types....
  15. a restaraunt side serving of "Truffled Lobster Mac & Cheese". It comes along side my steak and it is to die for. No recipe, no nutritional info. It's at a very high-end steak house that we have reservations at tomorrow night. I might just opt for the steamed asparagus depending on the points in the mac n' cheese but I can't stop thinking about it. But have no idea where to begin!
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