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  1. 1 package raspberry jello 1 package clear jello(not sure if this is called jello where you may live) 2 bananas crushed 1 can crushed pineapple 1 package frozen raspberry low fat sour cream Mix the jello according to package instructions. Mixing the two together. mix in all the fruit. Keep aside 1/3 of the mixture, on the counter. Place the rest in the fridge to set. After it has set spread a layer of sour cream, about 1/2 inch thick on set jello and fruit mixture. Pour the remaining (unset jello fruit mixture on top of sour cream). Put into fridge to set. If you find that you would like it to be thicker, eliminate some of the water in the jello preparation. Only inriches the flavour. This was served with the meal, put my husband and I like it as a desert. With low fat sour cream, low fat jello and fruit, this is a low point desert. My calculations one point tops for 1 cup.
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