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  1. I found some super yummy pita chips at costco. Garlic chive flavor, 9 chips for 2 points. Have a yummy olive oil flavor, good on their own with with FF cream cheese and salmon on top for lunch. I recommend! I alway get fresh sweet peppers there, too. Just red or red, yellow, orange. They're 6 peppers for 5 dollars, at the grocery store they are $2.50 each! My son and I snack on them with dip and we eat 6 a week!
  2. My favorite things from TJ's are the frozen three-pepper mix, brown rice medley, and frozen berry mix--I think it's called mostly cherry? Makes great morning smoothies. Oh and the TJ brand no fat greek yogurt.
  3. Me too! I bought some today. They are tasty. I like them alone and mixed some in with a yogurt for a little sweet something after dinner. Nice treat!
  4. Hi Dawn, I'm a newbie too and trying to figure all this stuff out. I've done Core before and liked it but it's a little different now. And trying to get all the information together, make some meal plans, mosey around the boards and get a feel for all the people, it takes a lot of time! And I don't seem to have much time. Every time I go on-line I end up running down bunny trails and an hour goes by! Anyhoo, I'm trying to get my boys (DH and DS 13) on board. DH is out of the question actually, he has his own strange eating habits and I have completely given up on him. But Matt (DS) is overweight and so my primary goal is to model sensible eating habits for him. On prior attempts, I could never get him to eat anything other than his old standards and it was always a battle to get vegetables in him. This time he and I started doing the Wii fit together (just a few days ago) and he's much more interested in changing what he eats. We'll see how it goes.... But I know I have to stick to it for myself, no matter what he does, and over the long run, we'll all see the results. I'm in the same place as you with the points too....I have a lot of learning to do! Anyway, I just wanted to welcome you (and me). Maybe we can buddy up. I have more weight to lose than you I'm starting at 333. I have another post here somewhere. That will tell you more about me. I'll be looking for you so keep posting!
  5. It's what's for dinner! I made this for dinner tonight. Added some points by putting in a couple oz of light velveeta. Told my son it was cheesy vegetable soup and......he liked it!!! This kid has to be force-fed veggies. He had more veggies tonight than he's had in the last month! The soup was good and filling. I'll never find that spice combination again. I feel smug!
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