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  1. mytime

    Cola chicken

    I would love to attempt this in the oven how long should I bake it for??
  2. can I eat the point value I receive from working out on the first week?? Is this allowed and if not when??
  3. thanks I will check on the old core threads:bcb_up
  4. taco salad tonight it is thanks so much for all of your ideas
  5. please tell me how you make yours including the dressing.... sounds like something i would be interested in eating
  6. I made a pizza out of the dough tonight and my family really liked it I just used the bread recipe put it into my bread machine and hit the "dough cycle". I made a core friendly pizza sauce yumm and topped it with a non fat mozzerlla cheese. This was really good and even my teenage kids said they would like to have it again!!
  7. about how much brown sugar did you put in for this recipe?? boy is this recipe good
  8. what area would i find this??
  9. WOW!!!! That was sooo delicious (and my dh thought so too) can't wait for left overs tomorrow
  10. thanks I think I might give it a try sounds very interesting:bcb_grin
  11. what does it taste like and I did look in my supermarked near the rices/barley but i couldn't find it...is it a type of rice???
  12. Thanks for the replies this will help me out
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