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    Welcome!!!!!!! Look around the boards and find somewhere that you are comfortable and post often.
  2. I switch back and forth often. I love both programs and both work for me. Iget tired of the same thing after a few weeks so I usually switch about once a month.
  3. Welcome Welcome! Find a home and post often so we can get to know you better!
  4. I totally agree! WHen I am around my mom, who is my best friend, I tend to over eat! We are both overweight but she doesnt care that she is so I tend to fall back into old habits when I visit her house.
  5. Pamala Lynn

    Im new

    Welcome Welcome Welcome!
  6. Just My Opinion but I have read that Heart related trouble with women often present as heart burn.....I would personally schedule an appoint to see my doctor just to be on the safe side...........Heart attacks in women do not usually present in a pain down the left arm and the "usual" signs you here of when a man has a problem. I just want you to be healthy and happy and around! So I would encourage you to atleast call your primary care physican and at least ask if you need to be seen
  7. First of all you need to figure out how many points a day that you need that is based on weight age and sex. If you eat to few a points then you will not lose weight! And don't go into it thinking you are only going to eat carrots all day! We all eat great food that is low points. Welcome aboard and do your research so that you are getting the nutrition that you need.
  8. I would go by your calculations. I find the food companion good for when there is no nutritional value guide to go by on the two slices don't forget to cap your fiber at 4.
  9. I drink a lot of Diet soda as well and it does not make any difference to me.
  10. Welcome I am in arlington, right smack betweeen Dallas and Fort Worth!!!! The weather is totally screwed up here!!!
  11. I love my transFIRMer!!!!
  12. I am here, checking in late.(Its is 2am here) I am in the middle of a major study/cram session.....I have four exams this week. No exercise today but I am going to bed now and I plan on getting my day started tomorrow with a jiggle free abs session. then off to school to take exam one. Then I think I might take a nap....LOL. That is as far as i can plan at the moment.
  13. I Just Added Jiggle Free Abs To My Rotation And I Really Like It.......i Got It On Ebay For 4.00. But I Will Have To Try Half Price As Well.....btw....exercise Is Working I Was Down 3.4 Pounds Today!!!!
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