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  1. reuse it in other ways. For example, the multiple pounds of turkey leftovers we had are being made into: Soup, turkey club sandwiches, turkey salad and maybe into a stirfry later this week. The potatoes are being used as part of my perogi stuffing. Desserts? I put them all in a big ziplock bag, and they are already getting all gross so i'll throw them out soon
  2. Jen, Although I agree that there is something tempting every month of the year there are some months that have more tempting things or bigger temptations that day to day ones for people. As stated earlier, March is mine due to st. patricks festivities and sometimes Easter, but I think December is hard as well because of the holiday parties and shopping all month. There are other months, like for instance June or August, that really don't have very many big temptations for me in addition to the day to day ones...
  3. i have one like that, with a can of crushed pineapple. Just that and the box mix. you add all the juice and everything, then just follow the cooking directions on the box (don't add anymore ingredients)
  4. Mine is March, although this year it wasn't too bad but I had a plan! First there's sometimes Easter, with the delicious Polish foods and all. And...I'm from the Bostonish area but now live in the Providenceish area, and so March brings St. patricks day things and the start to our warmer, spring weather (usually). I have always been a huge punk rock fan, and LOVE dropkick murphys/ flogging molly. They both (and sometimes the Pogues too) take advantage of the "Irish in Boston" thing and plan their tours so that they are in Boston or Providence right around st. patricks day. DBF and I have been going together to the Dropkicks for the 6 years we've been together and we make an entire weekend around drinking Irish things and seeing old friends. We get tickets to at LEAST one of their st. patricks day shows (they play 5 or 6 the week of the holiday every year), and then stay in or around town (with friends or our parents) until the st. patricks day parade. It's a known fact that I tend to overeat at my parents house. It's something I struggle with a LOT, even though my dad is on WW. My mom is stick thin and survives off of a diet full of coke, Lays chips and drumstick ice cream cones. They are all in the house and are all some of my biggest weaknesses. I spend more time at home in March than any other month due to their closeness to Boston, and then there's sometimes Easter, which brings AMAZING Polish food which just is not points friendly at all...... It's also the start of our warmer weather usually, so before or after the shows we'll go out to bars or to outdoor markets that we haven't done since the fall, meaning more street meat, fried dough and stuff like that. March stinks for me! But this year, to combat that, I trained for a 5k and ran THREE of them on 3 saturdays in a row in March. Totally worth it. It kept me sane mentally and gave me reasoning to not go get drunk on friday night ("I have to run a race in the morning....") I am doing that again this year.
  5. So, I hate Dunkin coffee, it always tastes burnt and gross to me. One day while driving to work I was thinking "Lattes count as a milk serving. I've never tried one" and tried one. I'll never look back at coffee again! BUT my wallet doesn't like them! I want to learn how to make them at home, without any fancy shmancy equipment (or at least minimal equipment that costs under $30) From the internets, i've read that you can heat up milk either in the microwave or on the stove top, then add instant ground coffee (triple the normal serving) into a small blender with the hot milk and blend it to get the same deal as a latte?? Is this true? Do you have any other suggestions?? And, on another note, I have all these veggies my dad gave me from his garden- Baby eggplant, red and green bell peppers, string beans and beets. Any ideas what I can do with the first three? Would you cook them all together with like, olive oil? Would you cook the peppers and eggplant together as a side dish and do the beans seperate? (i'm making a beet soup and then roasted beets with the beets I think)
  6. I'll post this to the 20's board on the actual WW page and get back to you. but here's what i just figured out You can make a recipe that gives you the points of the meat mixture. OR just figure out the NI for it yourself (you'll need to TOTAL fat, fiber, protien and carbs) Then, start a NEW recipe and type in "meat mixture" as a search for food. At the bottom of the search, there's a tab that says "not finding what you want? create new food" click that. It lets you put the NI in for the new food as well as preperation and cooking notes. Then it allows you to add it as a new ingredient to the recipe I'll let you know what the girls on the WW boards think!
  7. Starting Weight (6/1) 159.0 WW goal weight: 157 6/8: 156.2 -2.8 6/15: 155.8 -.4 TOTAL: -3.2 6/22: 156.6 +.8 Total: -2.4 6/29: 154.6 -2 TOTAL: -4.4 7/6: 156.6 +2 TOTAL:-2.4 LIFETIME!!!!!!! 7/13: 156.2 (Exactly the same) 7/20: 155 -1.2 TOTAL: -3.6 7/27: 154 -1 TOTAL: 4.6 8/3: 157.6 +3.4 Total: -1.4 (OUCH!) 8/10: 155.8 -1.8 (Total: -3.2) 8/17: 156.0 +.2 (Total: -3) 8/24: 157.0 +1 (total: -2) 8/31: 157.0 = (total: -2) OKAY! I was -2 for the summer. that's better than +2!
  8. nope! Eat all your daily points. every single day.
  9. When you create a recipe, YOU decide how many servings it has in it. At first, it tells you the points for the ENTIRE recipe, but then you can go and say that it serves 4 (or whatever). THEN when you go to track it, you can also say that you ate a portion of that serving (so, like 1/3 a serving). Make sense? Also, just so you aren't shocked like most people are, recipe builder calculates EVERYTHING into a recipe. Meaning that fruits and veggies that don't normally have p+ will be calculated into it. This freaked me out when I put a homemade pasta sauce recipe in it with pure tomato sauce and tons of veggies, and some cheese and olive oil. I thought it was just going to be points for the cheese and olive oil and I got some astronomically high number. When you take away the veggies, it's more like what I expected. From what i've heard, the recipe builder is meant for things like soups, casseroles and other things that can't easily be de-constructed into peices and count as a meal. Like, if i put in the infamous taco soup recipe, i'm not going to easily know how much of each bean and how much of the ground beef I actually got in my bowl, so that's when i use the builder. If i'm making like, a salad, I would just count each thing in the salad seperately and make it a meal.... It's my understanding that this is controversial in the WW world. I've had MY leader tell me to just leave out the veggies and fruits in recipes and "quick add" them as 0. I've had others (when i'm at a different meeting) that say to count the recipe as it is. I still have not got 100% clarification on this, so if anybody (leaders!?) can shed some insight i'd love it!
  10. Thanks! I am, but i didn't WI today. I was a bit busy with the hurricane news/getting things ready. i'll go tomorrow to a real meeting.
  11. Was sick last night with a migraine. Skipped my WI, but will go and WI today. Unfortunately there are no meeting times that work for me, but there are open times at the centers.
  12. Not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. However, my medical issues have got me to thinking. Even though i'm at goal, I think i need to go lower, like the real WW weight range instead of my doctor's note. With PCOS the healthier you are (weight and exercise wise) the less likely it is to effect your daily life. Clearly, this weight isn't working for me in that aspect. So, I now have 15 left to lose! Starting Weight (6/1) 159.0 WW goal weight: 157 6/8: 156.2 -2.8 6/15: 155.8 -.4 TOTAL: -3.2 6/22: 156.6 +.8 Total: -2.4 6/29: 154.6 -2 TOTAL: -4.4 7/6: 156.6 +2 TOTAL:-2.4 LIFETIME!!!!!!! 7/13: 156.2 (Exactly the same) 7/20: 155 -1.2 TOTAL: -3.6 7/27: 154 -1 TOTAL: 4.6 8/3: 157.6 +3.4 Total: -1.4 (OUCH!) 8/10: 155.8 -1.8 (Total: -3.2) 8/17: 156.0 +.2 (Total: -3) 8/24: 8/31:
  13. Skipped my meeting today. I was really sick and almost ended up in the ER. Had a burst ovarian cyst but they spent all day ruling out my appendix. So, there's swelling, and excessive fluid and i KNOW that i'll gain this week. Gonna try to go tomorrow!
  14. Lol, no worries. I actually updated it only a few hours after you posted. it took a LOT of hard work, and I had the traveling 3 month journal for my meeting last week so I think that helped too. It was basically going back to basics for me, tracking and measuring. And I actually exercised (because it's part of my new part time job as a swim lesson instructor, I do it for 3 hours at a shot, light intensity 2-3 times a week and gain 5AP's each time!). But it paid off!
  15. It IS in the gold book. My leader told me when I hit lifetime last month that if I ever wanted to keep losing (because my goal is a dr's goal above the WW goal range) to just tell her. I think her thought is that if I have another goal weight in my mind and try to lose to that and do it, then there's a substantial amount that I could gain back and still be under my goal weight. Example: My goal is 157 The weight watchers highest weight for my height is 141 If i wanted to get to 141, then there would be 16lbs between my goal weight and my new weight. That I could EASILY slip back on and still be "lifetime" If i simply told them I wanted to keep losing and tried, but then changed my official goal to 141 or so when I got to it that wouldn't happen. Make sense?
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