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  1. Ok thank you for all the wisdom. I will let you know how it goes. Thanks so much!
  2. Thanks everyone! Sorry i have not been on here for awhile..I am still OP and now i am up to 4 miles walking! Not letting the scales hurt my feelings anymore. i feel GREAT! CW...AP do you mean the extra points i earn for every 30 min of activity? No i am not using anymore points that what i have to work with on core. I usually only use about 10 of those a week. i try to stay with SF foods..but i love my sandwich thins..i use those several time a week but they are just 1 point each. Should I be eating more??? I figured the extra cals burned would help me lose weight if stayed OP..nothing extra....Maybe I am doing something wrong????
  3. I am not going to weigh myself more than once a month. There is still no loss this week. Ive been OP and working out more than i ever have in the past. I feel i lose more when i just do the plan..less working out. Only thing is my depression is at a miniumn because of the extra activity ive been doing and that is So important to me. I am going to keep doing what i am doing and hope for the best. My tummy is down.clothes are looser,i feel tighter and emotional healthier.... The weight is just not budging.
  4. 3 miles treadmill ( its still raining)..and arm weights workout!
  5. We only have the Arnold Brand here..I love them to death! Its a 1 point food thats really good for you! The whole family uses them and we no longer buy traditional buns..which i never liked to begin with.
  6. Thank you Jacque!!!! I DO feel better after reading about the scales. Its great advice! I have been so good at watching my food and stepping up the excerising.I use to only do a mile and now its at least 2 but mostly 3 miles a day. My tummy is not as bloated, its flattening out! My wish is that when you go to the dr. office they bring out a tape measure and NOT the scales! lol Hope everyone has a great day! Cheers for us moms that got the college registering done for our kids....happy i am not alone. !!!
  7. I am a Live it person! I know this is what i need to do to stay healthy the rest of my life and to reduce the chances of late onset diabetis. Plus its not hard to live with at all. The points are there for those special times...its a win win situation!
  8. Hope everyone is having a good week. Yesterday I was not feeling good at all. Having an extra bad (.) It was weigh in day and even tho i felt tighter i knew i was not going to see a loss. I was right where i was last week.I feel like i am carring around a brick in my tummy! I did not work out and spent 3 hours with my son registering his college classes. he will be commuting so we had to find a way for him to go after rush hour was over in the morning and for him to get out of school before it started again. WOW that was a challenge but we did it! My brain still hurts tho! lol Today I feel better. Did my 2 miles with the treadmill and a nice incline and did my arm weights workout,and cleaned the wood floors! I will check in with my weight in a few days or i might just wait til next Monday. I am sure its water. Ive been a very good girl! Welp better get back to laundry.My day canceled so i got an unexpected extra day off!
  9. Op for food but did not workout at all.I was not feeling good.
  10. Lynn you are incrediable! Did my 2 mile walk and weights for the arms workout.
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