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  1. Hi my friends. I was on core over a year ago and fell off the wagon.I had a cancer scare,my mom was hospitalized for 90 days from a complication of a surgery,and my dad was fighting cancer for the 3RD time. The stress got the best of me and i just could of cared less.I am on Prozac to help me.I lost my dad on Sept.11 and spent the last hour of his life with him.I have so much to deal with but i am taking charge now.Back to walking and back on my beloved core plan! So happy to be back! PS so far i am OK..with that cancer scare.they are watching me closely.
  2. You look so wonderful! SO proud of you and your weight loss!
  3. I am having the same trouble..day 2 and i am on core...i`ve been though these reindeer games before..i know it will pass.Do not under estimate the power of a teaspoon of peanut butter...stuff celery..it really holds you over!
  4. I get a bag of broccoli slaw at the store(its schredded broccoli,carrots and red cabbage) and i strir fry it with pam,add some cooked whole wehat pasta..salt and pepper,and some tuna..it fills the whole plate and is loaded it good things. I am not a big veggie person,but when i add other things to it i can eat much more of it!
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    Hi! I started the core plan yesterday. I feel good but i am eating A LOT it seems...I eat just till i am ``under`` full/// then an houre later i am hungry again. I am eating tons of veggies,and my fruit//plus the lean meat,whole wheat and grain items i can have. Maybe i am just burning it up fast.I use my points for my 60 cal no fat no sugar yoguart(which is strange to count for that)..but anyways thats my treat.I really think i can do this!
  6. Hi everyone... i just offically started Core today! I have been on and off weight watchers since 1987.I think the core plan will work for me..it reminds me a lot of the plan back in the late 1980`s..when protein was more and starches were less(bread,etc).I always did better with that than when they started changing the plan. I have not exercised for months..so i am starting off by walking my dog 15 min,2x a day. I will increase it each week untill its 1 hour a day. I will take any advice you all have to give me...I want to really succed this time! My goal is a 6-10 pound weight loss a month///My goal is to lose 50-60 pounds by June 9th.
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