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  1. ( Activity spelled right today) hahahaha 3 miles on the treadmill with incline! (does laundry,ironing,scrubing bathrooms,wood floors,dusting,and running the sweeper count???? cause I am doing that too) lol
  2. Sharyn Have fun at the beach! i LOVE baked and broiled fish of just about any kind. If i were rich i would eat only fish, but its way too expensive. When we would go to the beach my mom who is going to be 73 had me walking 4 miles in the sand everyday and she was 10 paces ahead of me! There is No holding that gal down.lol Hope you have a wonderful time.Wish i were there!
  3. I normally do a hard workout in the morning and a soft walk in the evening usually with the dog. for some reason my last 2 mornings went by too fast i ended up doing the hard workout at night..i dont want to do that anymore if i can help it. The 30 min light evening walk helps me to sleep /anything more and i am UP! lol Glad its just not me..Thanks
  4. This morning i did a 3 mile walk plus my arm weight workout! WOW i can feel it!
  5. Good Morning everyone, Judy hope you feel less sad soon. Its hard not being around family! Its suppose to rain today up to 2 inches which we need badly. I am jumping on the treadmill this morning for my 2 miles and also doing my arm weights today. Just working about 6 hours and off tomorrow. Thursday will be cleaning and laundry...wow what a day off! lol I will check back later..hope you all have a great OP day!
  6. Just a question...does anyone have trouble sleeping from working out in the evenings? My evening walk ended up being 2.6 miles which is good.I thought i would drop into bed later on ...but i could not sleep at all! And that was even after i worked all day on my feet.
  7. splitting up my walks into two today...1 mile before work and 1 mile after work!
  8. Happy Tuesday everyone. Wow we must all be really busy or on vacations! I have a success story to tell you! Yesterday i went outside 4 different times and it looked like rain/storms were coming. I ended up doing my walk on the treadmill,actually got a harder workout. We had plans to go to the baseball game downtown with out of town family. I made baked whole wheat spaghetti for dinner and had a small bowl to hold me over. It was dime a dog night and i did not want to sit there and eat a bunch of hotdogs..BUT if i saw one with sauerkraut and mustard i planned the points to have one. The traffic was horrendous. Ended up the game was sold out..all 10,000 seats. So we ended up walking a good mile around town and ate at a nice restraunt.I had a house salad that was a nice size and very fresh! I was stull full from the fiber in my pasta so i really did not want anything else. I feel like i planned out the night for about any issue that came up! We also agreed that we had more fun around that table for 2 hours than we would have at the game. They went back to Seattle today and it will be another year til we see them again..so time well spent!
  9. Keep your chin up Judy! I am sure it will roll off in a few days.I know how that makes you feel,its happend to me, but bet you have a big loss coming up!
  10. Taking a hilly 2-3 miles walk with DD and arm weights workout!
  11. Good morning buddies! Its so pretty out today..more like Oct. but still nice. Going to take a 2-3 mile walk with DD with morning, then maybe float around our `mini`pool if the water is not too cold. Tonight me might go to the ball game downtown Columbus with our out of town family.They all go back tomoroow to Seattle Wa. We went to a cook out last night with thme and had so much fun. It had been 2 years since we saw them! How was everyones weekend? Looking forward to your posts! Have a wonderful day!
  12. I love all the posts on this subject. We do need to listen to our bodies. Why is there not a chart for middle aged people? I think those insurance charts are for 16 year olds! lol I know with me being so short i should be like 115. I would have so much trouble maintaining that weight if i even wanted to get that low. I would be very confortable with the 140 i am setting myself with. I plan on replacing most of my fat with muscle and i know that weighs more. I do have something very interesting to say. Back in my young teenager days i weighed 110 at my lowest weight and wore a size 6/7. I would restrict my calories to be that thin...My DD who has been so differently educated is about 115 pounds and wears a size 2! The difference is she runs and worksout..pretty much eats whats she wants but does not eat fast food or much junk. That is a hugh difference between her and me..and she has never had a weight issue in her 16 years of life. lol Its really not the scale number...but how you feel and look.The scales does not determine you size either. Just my 2 cents worth. lol
  13. I am SO excited to say i am down 5 pounds on my first weigh in! Guess the `flip flop` walks were doing more than i thought they were! lol I am Back in sneakers and did my 2.6 miles walk yesterday afternoon with no problems.There is No holding me back now!
  14. Went to a family cookout..used a few points but stayed on OP the whole night!!!
  15. WW has never said to eat one thing or another at any certain time that i know of. I have fruit a lot at dinner..sometimes i will cut up a granny smith apple and put it in my salad..grilled pineapple with ham steak..stuff like that. Would love to know what you find out!
  16. Carol, i am still picking up my jaw as i read your story! Holy Cow! I am just in shock! I will post in a few. LOL
  17. Plans are to do 2 mile walk tonight with DS! Depends on the blisters..if they are hurting i will do at least 45 min with my beloved flip flops! lol I will MOVE one way or another.
  18. This really saved my day Friday..I was starved when i came home so i had a bowl of it when DH was cooking our sirloin burgers..wow it filled me up and i ate alot less than i thought i would at dinner!
  19. Good morning ..Happy Saturday! thought i would jump on here til its time to go to work. My DH and DD are on their way to Jamboree in the Hills. Its like the woodstock of country music..goes on for 4 days...they will just do 2. It will just be me and my DS..plus i am sure some of his friends..and the D-dog D-cats and D-bunny this weekend.lol I`m only working til about 3 today. Goingto attempt to walk with sneakers toinght! Carol..that sounds like a great idea to keeping your veggies watered! I had my first home grown tomato last night and i was in HEAVEN.Nothing like the home style thing! Leesa...hope your find something fun to do this weekend! Sorry the camping did not work out. Everyone else have a wonderful weekend!
  20. Thanks so much! Its so good to be back..starting all over but i am HERE! lol
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