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  1. The barley i have used in the past is made by Quaker
  2. Hello everyone, Its been a very long time since i have posted here.I think it was Feb. I have gained all my weight back,gone through some depression and bad months of being sick. I am pulling myself back up.I started back on SF Sunday and also started a workout plan. I will walk everyday and do arm weight 3 times a week. I really miss all your support.I am happy to be back!
  3. Hi everyone, WOW i have been so sick...for the last 3.5 weeks...first upper respiratory infection,sinus infection then flu/stomach flu!!! I am still not totally OP. I am staying with a soft diet and doing some core.I still have waves a nausea go over me from time to time..probably my Strong antibiotics causing it...and still have THE cough. Just wanted you all to know i am working my way back.
  4. I have a pro form 660 cross trainer.LOVE IT. I got it about this time last year at Sports Authority.Was about 900..got it for 450.00 on sale. Came with hand weights, and a built in fan.does several workouts programed in or you can create your won. counts carbs,calories burned and distance. You can look at them online as well.
  5. I everyone..i am back....i`ve been very sick for about 2 weeks. Upper respiratory infection..and sinus infection.Still coughing but off antibiotics. I know my weight is up alittle..no excerise...eating a lot of salty soups,juices,etc..totally off program...but i was so run down i could have cared less. I am planning on starting over tomorrow..Monday... Looking forward to seeing what i have missed in buddy world!!!
  6. Good Morning.... I am sick! I have something thats for sure..i can`t do the treadmill because it makes me go into a coughing spell....was off yesterday.Going to try and work 4 hours today and tomorrow then its a 9 hour day for sat. I got my (.)...but still feel FAT. I am not weighing myself till next Monday.I am NOT OP...not over eating i am under eating which is bad too. I just do not have an appetite.I am getting my fruits in..tried to do a salad last night & the lettuce gagged me..i just have too much Flem in there i guess.(sorry to be gross). I will try to keep my fruits in(slushy form),water and cold no cal drinks. See how dinner goes.... I hope to get rid of this by next Monday.I was feeling so good about myself...and losing so well..thne this... I hope you are all doing well this week and staying Op. More later!
  7. This is what i am planning..i ate breakfast already but i will see what i can handle food wise since my stomach is upset.(sinus drainage i am sure is causing this) Breakfast 2 eggs scrambled 1 tsp olive oil 1 pt bread coffee Lunch banana,kiwi,strawberry slushy w/ 1 tsp olive oil (taking it to work with me to sip on)only working 1.5 hours Chicken breast(eating it when i get home) Dinner sirloin tip roast veggie soup salad with olive oil and vinegar snack 2 pt yogurt if needed
  8. I did a nice slower 2.7 walk with just a 1/2% incline and some arm weights..not as many as i usually do but guess what???? I FEEL BETTER!!! I wanted to do some exercise even tho its a lower key workout..and it helped...i am not hungry but i feel more alive and still got a good sweat out of it!!!! YEA I am so happy i did it.
  9. Hi buddies, I am getting sick now..can we spread colds on the Internet??? HA HA I was so stressed out over the weekend and yesterday for the tax thing..I was NOT OP yesterday! I had no appitite..but did get my liquids in because i am still waiting for my (.) and i feel so bloated.Thought all the water would help...NOT..anywoo I will try to do good today..maybe make some veggie soup and sip on all fruit slushy.Only have one client to do at 1pm..so i can rest today. I am planning on slow cooking a sirloin tip roast today...the family can make hot sandwiches for dinner and i will have a salad with mine...and maybe soup. When i think of food..its like ugggggg..that is so not me...so i know i am sick,probably accelerated by my stress levels. I will do my best and see what happens. Hope we all stay OP...
  10. I was NOT OP Monday.....I was way too stressed from working on the taxes, and getting them done. I did not eat much at all,just got a lot of liquids in.I do not eat when i am stressed. I will try to be back on track today..i am coming down with a cold now...i just do not have an appetite. I will make some veggie soup and all fruit slushy at least.we will see how i do.
  11. Hi everyone..just got back from the tax service and we still get a refund!!!! Next year will be the last year we get the 1000.00 for a kid...My DD will be 17 and you no longer get that tax credit! What on earth are they thinking??? Thats when the kids cost the most! HA Oh well its all over and i can relax...my tax person commended me on my organization! Whew I can breathe now! Kimberley what a nightmare
  12. I like it!!!! I do not use it Alot but when i need something i use that. It seems sweeter than Slpenda and i like that its natural.
  13. welcome Christen83...i was the same way..On flex i did NOT make healthy choices...Core keeps me eating better. Glad to have you here!
  14. Good Morning buddies, I have not posted much at all the weekend..I have been buried in tax stuff.Getting them officially done this afternoon.Its a lot of work when you are self employed! I will go over everything once more today to make sure i have added everything correctly. I am not expecting a big return..as long as we don't owe is good! lol I feel puffy today...my weight stayed the same. My DD got her (.) Friday..and i am 4 days behind her...so i will peak in on the weight later..I know i stayed OP,so i am not too upset over this. Its just nature,,and thats how it goes for us gals! I am going to hit the treadmill and weights..then have something to eat...then back to taxes...i will check in later. Bridgethemom..so happy your DB is doing so well..my prayers are with him. AFJ.KJMR...wow i hope you feel better soon...take it easy and rest.. wwlynn and Becky,and everyone else..have a wonderful day!
  15. Hi KellBell! Happy to have you here! I have 2 kids about your kid`s age...18 and 15. Welcome!
  16. Hi buddies, leaving for work..will be back afternoon and will post then..keep strong!
  17. Friday Breakfast choc pb oatmeal (.5 pt) skim milk coffee Lunch chicken breast hominy dinner homemade spaghetti sauce whole wheat pasta salad snack strawberry banana slushy
  18. 30 min treadmill /20 min arm weights
  19. Thank you..I want to firm up the flab...so i will continue to do them everyother day..I do cardio every day for 30-60 min.
  20. LT I am so sorry you had a bad week/weigh in. Do you think your Dr. can give you a mild diuretic to off set the water weight the steroid is giving you? I do know for a fact they cause water weight.My father took them while he was on chemo to help him keep weight on...after 3 weeks he ended up in the hospital with congestive heart failure..they took 15 pounds of water off him in there! He was not allowed those anymore and ended up losing 60 pounds from the chemo..weight he needed to stay on... Talk with your Dr.It sure can`t hurt anything...hang in there..Don`t give up!
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