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  1. bcelisa I have never had those before but they look good! Yes that would be so convenient too. My favorite to make is my potato soup. All you do is brown a cup of chopped onions and a cup of chopped celery in olive oil. add a bag of diced frozen potatoes,and a cup or 2 of diced ham.cover with water and cook about an hour.add about a cup of skim milk..simmer about 20 min. garnish with low fat cheddar cheese optional... I make this once a week.Its so wonderful,and filling.
  2. bcelisa, when i first got my treadmill last year i killed myself on it..1 hour,3 miles a day,3% incline. i suffered from it..shin splints,etc. Though i was not getting a good workout if i was not drenched in sweat afterwords.Then i dreaded getting on it,then i just plain stopped...This year i am doing it slow and steady.Surprising enough i am getting better weight loss results this way.Mostly because i am wanting to walk on it,this way i feel good afterwords,not bad and will do it everyday.
  3. bcelisa, Keep you chin up!!! Do not get discouraged,even tho i know its hard not to. Do your treadmill,it will lift your spirits,play some music to get you moving,and hit the liquids hard today.That sometimes helps if you are retaining. Maybe make some soup..it fills you up makes you feel better if you are coming down with something. Hope you do well today!
  4. Planning a weekly menu is very new to me. I usually just buy the basics then figure out what to do with them as the week goes on...well now i write out daily menus,then shop for everything i need. My husband just called to see what was planned for tonight...even tho its on the fridge... my new nick name is the LUNCH LADY! I laughed so hard as he sung the `slop slop sloppy Joe's song`. hahaha Just wanted to hare something funny!
  5. Judy you poor thing...I really hope you feel better soon...maybe a trip south would help???? So warmth and Sun! Take Care
  6. I will usually have my fruit at night...it digests quickly and is light but filling.
  7. Checking in on Monday..I was OP all weekend...was not on the computer to check in!
  8. Monday Breakfast 2 eggs oatmeal skim milk/coffee Lunch large salad chicken low fat dressing thinned with olive oil( 1 PT) Dinner whole wheat pasta homemade spaghetti sauce ( all core) tossed salad ff dressing with olive oil snack strawberry,raspberry ,banana slushy
  9. Great news on your treadmill! I totally love mine.I only walk on it tho..I am not a runner,especially after 2 foot surgeries and working on my feet all day...Anyway I walk 3.0 at a 1% incline for 30 min a day x 7 days a week. I do weights for my arms 3 x a week too. I am only 5`1..so 3.0 is FAST for me! HAHAHA
  10. Good Morning everyone! I had such a busy weekend i have not posted since Friday! Good news...i am down another 3 pounds!!!!! WI was this morning! I am so happy... Yesterday we had snow...about 3 inches and they did not even call for it. Hugh snowflakes...pretty.We decided to have a picnic for dinner at any rate..grilled chicken,deviled eggs,pasta salad( with tons of veggies in it). I also made a cake...the family was wanting something sweet.I made a WW cake...yellow cake mix,2 eggs,and a can of fresca! WOW it was wonderful.Just baked it in a bundt cake pan..wiht alittle lite cool whip.I had the points so i had a piece.The family really went crazy over it too. I have a pretty easy day today...already did my menu for the week and shopping yesterday. Hope everyone is well! Have a great OP day!
  11. yes...they are just cut up frozen potatoes
  12. Friday Breakfast cream of wheat skim milk coffee Lunch large salad with chicken low fat dressing thinned with olive oil..1 pt kiwi Dinner Grilled chicken oven potatoes salad (dressing 1 pt) corn snack strawberry smoothie ( if needed)
  13. I only use AP if i need to....most weeks i have quite alot left. I use them on my beloved fruit dip,creamer,etc. And what i have left is there IF i am in a situation..party,restraunt, and i need to use them. I do not make myself use them...i would rather eat SI FI.
  14. Thursday....checking in Friday. I was OP all day..even got to eat everything I packed for my long long day at work yesterday.Managed to stay 10 min ahead of my clients..so i got my food in!!!
  15. bridget keeping your DB in my prayers as well.My dad had bladder cancer.i know what your DB is and has gone through!
  16. the 25 cal that i have is swiss miss.
  17. Good Morning! Just a fast post here today. Kids and DH just left for school..having some coffee then to the treadmill for 30 min.Then some breakfast. I have to be at work to get my nails done at 11:30 then i am working till 8 tonight. Packing lunch and dinner today. I was walking past the mirror at work yesterday and caught a glimpse of myslef..i swear my legs looked slimmer!!!! Amazing how walking 7 days a week can quickly start to work! I have not lost much weight but i now have to wear a belt with my jeans of they slide down! THIS IS FUN! Everyone have a wonderful OP day!
  18. Thursday Breakfast Oatmeal Skim milk coffee Lunch salad with chicken low fat dressing with added olive oil (1pt) banana Dinner whole wheat pasta with T sauce and 5% ground beef fruit salad yogurt ( 2pts)
  19. Checking in late as usual..I was OP all day Wed. Great job everyone!
  20. what kind of oil are you using? I like the light olive oil...i do not like the virgin or extra virgin...but the light i can hardly taste..i sneak it in my smoothie too.
  21. breakfast 2 eggs 1 tsp olive oil oatmeal skim milk /coffee Lunch Banana 2 pt bar Dinner 5% fat burgers on the grill oven potatoes salad ff dressing/with added olive oil snack banana kiwi smoothie
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