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  1. I don't consider 2T of real half and half (1 T in one cup of coffee) for 1 point squandering at all. It is yummier than the artificial stuff. If you want it sweet too though, use the sugar free davinci syrups for no points.
  2. Yes, a HRM is a wake-up call for a lot of people. I see a lot of people really overestimating their APs, it's their problem though, not mine. So to the original poster, your calories burned at the HR you mentioned, actually seem fairly right to me. With time and consistency in workouts, you will really get a feel for things. For example, last week I did the same cardio workout each day (I'm experimenting.) I also worked out at the same intensity. On the ArcTrainer (elliptical) I did ~ 45 min, at an average HR of 77%, and burned 400 calories (that was almost exactly the same for M-F last week.) Yesterday I did the same workout (same music CD) for 45 min, but I worked at a lower intensity, only 70% MHR, and I only burned 311 calories. So dropping my intensity changed how many calories I burned in the exact same amount of time. Today I did 65 min, at 73% MHRM, and burned 500 calories. The more I track, the more consistency I see in what I burn. BTW, I use a Polar f11 and I track on the polarpersonaltrainer.com website which I can upload my data to.
  3. I bought some just recently and like them a lot. My elbows don't hurt when I use them, but when I don't use them, my elbows get sore from being in the same position. I do have to slow down my pace a bit with the poles. I think I must be a sight....I have my poles, my HRM, my Ipod and my pedometer on.....gotta love technology.
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