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  1. If you can eat 6 pickles a day and still stay around 1500 mcg sodium for the whole day, go for it. I doubt it could be done. That much salt is not good for anybody.
  2. I use my flex points daily. They are not just for splurges. When you plan your meals, you need to get the 9 HGs in first, then use the remainder for other things. At my leader's suggestion, I divide my daily points (18) in half. I use 9 for breakfast and lunch, the other 9 for dinner and snacks. I usually add 3 of my weekly points per day.
  3. Set points are not to be used in situations where you can weigh or measure your portion, i.e. when eating out or dinner at friends, etc. You can certainly count 3 eggs so that's 6 points.
  4. The WW week runs from Sunday thru Saturday. You can only weigh in once in a week for lifetime status, so no.
  5. You have been calculating incorrectly. When making a recipe, you figure the total points for each ingredients, fiber caps at 4 grams for total of all ingredients, then divide by the number of servings. Usually baked goods with all whole wheat flour are heavy. How do you keep them light?
  6. Take the advice above. There is no point range anymore. Points are found based on age, physical activity, current weight and height.
  7. Filling foods are foods that keep you satisfied longer. They are not necessarily low calorie - healthy oil, whole grains, meat, fruit dairy are not necessarily low calorie. There foods are better choices for those counting points as well as those doing the Simply Filling option. Filling Foods excludes more simple carbs, prepackage foods that are really not that good for us at all. CORE is now called Simply Filling and used the Filling Foods list with a few changes.
  8. QuilterInVA

    Fish Oil

    There isn't a teaspoon of oil in that. Take a capsule apart and measure it. If it isn't on the list it doesn't count.
  9. Eggbeaters are nothing but egg whites with chemicals and food color dyes. 4 egg whites = 2 eggs. I like a bit of yolk so I do 1 egg and 1 egg white and it's still only 2 points.
  10. They don't qualify as a dairy serving. You are confused in thinking dairy is determined only by the amount of calcium. Look again at your list of dairy servings. WW smoothies have dry milk in them. Compare the amount of protein, fat, carbs for milk and the instant breakfast.
  11. The fiber caps help teach us what a serving really is. 2 packets is 2 servings. How about adding some fruit to it or nuts? I like raisins or cranberries in my oatmeal with some walnuts or almonds. Very filling.
  12. WW is computerizing everything so you may get caught. I know when I went to my friend's in another state and attended a meeting with her, I showed up in the computer. I was amazed. Be honest and sign up for online.
  13. You can't use etools unless you attend meetings regularly. I'd drive an hour if I had to to get to a meeting. Perhaps you could meet someone there who lives near you and would give you a ride. If you absolutely can't get to a meeting, join online. You'll have access to all the materials, etools, and new info all the time. I think the @ home kit doesn't provide nearly the benefit as online.
  14. New people don't learn about Simply Filling until they get the Week 6 booklet, but if you have done Core, talk to the leader and she will probably give you that booklet and go over it so you can go back on that. WW likes for people to count points for 5 weeks because they get a better handle on portion size but I would think you already have that down. Free registration starts January 4 but the best deal is Monthly Pass because you get meetings and etools for $40 a month. Let us know how you are doing!
  15. I'd be hungry all day with those breakfasts. Carbs fill you for an hour or two and then you feel hungry again. Protein keeps you feeling full and satisfied. One egg + 1 egg white, a slice of high-fiber wheat toast and a piece of fruit will keep you going. Oatmeal isn't too bad if you make it with milk and add 1 tablespoons of walnuts and some cinnamon. Why is breakfast important? Do you run your car on gas fumes or do you add fuel before it runs out? Your body needs good fun to function properly.
  16. Let me add if you are truly doing WW, a point is not a point. You must get in the 9HGs every day and eat mainly filling foods and the daily points are all that you have for the day unless you dip into WAPs or APs. You really should attend one meeting to get all the information and have the program explained properly.
  17. I know weight watchers is about being able to eat whatever you wish within your points Actually that is not a true statement. WW requires you to do the 9 HGs every day and you need to get those in before eating whatever you want. The foods you eat are just as important as the points. That sandwich sounds delicious.
  18. That sounds right - 4 points. There is no way this chili is 1 point per cup when the veggie chili that has no meat is 1 point. It actually sounds like this person is only counting points for the beef and not the rest.
  19. It also concentrates the calories so measure it after draining and refigure the calories.
  20. I would spray the pan with cooking spray and put 1 teaspoon of oil in. Most things don't need a lot of oil.
  21. Hard boiled egg, veggies and hummus, yogurt and fruit, cottage cheese and fruit.
  22. Its been at least 2 years.
  23. If you are just starting exercise, your muscles retain water for several weeks until they get used to it.
  24. Whey is what is left when the milk solids have been removed (to make cheese, etc.). It no longer has the nutrition of milk.
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