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  1. Hiya Tucsonian! I go to the one on Oracle, but there is another one on 3238 E. Speedway Blvd. I haven't tried that studio yet. I went again last night and was a lot better. I didn't get nauseous till about 3/4 into it. I also was able to hold the positions better. I feel great today. I can tell that it really works my core and glutes and arms. Crazy stuff.
  2. I just tried this and boy did it knock me out. Just wanted to know anyone's feelings about it. I felt nauseous and headachey, but great the next day, which I'm guessing is the benefit. I also really appreciated the challenge and was kinda proud of myself for not running out of the room. I'm going again tonight because I promised I would.
  3. I think if you can find the originals... they are the easiest to follow. Meaning Vol 1,2,3,4 and 6 (skip 5) They also use the least equipment. If you can find firm ya ya's site, they have a swap meet where you can get videos cheap and try them out. I have all of them, but I still like the old ones the best. I also really like the Women's Health Fitness Network http://www.whfn.com This was the original choreographer from the firm and her videos are outstanding and don't need a ton of gadgets. There are previews on her web page.
  4. I love my reboounder. I have only two videos though. Urban rebounding intervals and box and bounce. QVC has a deal on the compilation. I also do walk away the pounds videos with them.
  5. Christi Taylor has complex choreography. You also might try out the CIA series on their website. They have VERY complex choreography ( Marcus Irwin, Frannie Bennedetto among them) Go to videofitness.com to check out some reviews.
  6. My favorite equipment is my club step, my fanny lifter and my dumbells and bar weights. I use primarily the Firm, Cathe Freidrich, Gin Miller and Tracy Long videos.
  7. 7-11. Delicious. Can one say more about a slurpee, except...make a cherry one please?
  8. I also tweaked this recipe for my taste. I left out the tomatoes, tomato paste and sherry vinegar and substituted more onions, onion powder and beef broth. It was more like French onion but the portabellos were so nice.
  9. Gee. I didn't know I had a choice. Mine are always heavy. What is the secret to fluffy?
  10. I thought this was delicious! I always have a little xtra salmon left over so I used it. Plus I added some dill for flavor. It was even great the next day cold! I rate this one a 9!
  11. This was great! I can't wait to mix up the spices. Nyah ha ha!
  12. I loved it. I didn't have canned tomatoes so used fresh. I also added cumin cause I like REALLY spicy. I think the sour cream really adds. This is going to be a regular!
  13. I made this last night. Everyone loved it. Thanks for this easy and yummy recipe. It's a keeper!
  14. I never thought about changing the fruit. That makes it even less pts! I can't wait.
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