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  1. GOOODDD morning!!!! Ok, that sounds perkier then I actually am lol. My son has not been sleeping the greatest and still wants to nurse all night long, so I am sleepy. I know it's because i'm working longer hours and he's trying to make up his mommy time, so I don't mind too much....just don't sleep so good when he does that! I've been doing good program wise this week. My week starts on saturday and I find that it is MUCH easier for me to stay on plan when I am at work then when I am at home on the weekends. Even though most things are healthy at home, I just graze more then when I am at work. I'm thinking of going to the store this morning and buying the supplies for a green smoothie at work. I have an extra blender there and it might make a good morning snack. Plus I know I need to get more of my rainbow fruits/veggies in and that's a great way to do it. I hope everyone is having a good day and talk to yo soon!
  2. way to go on the good choices! it can be tough around the holidays. I am actually considering counting points for our whole week of travel, since SO many of the food choices will be out of my hands. We're not even sure who is hosting. What i'm most worried about is how the food is prepared and me not knowing what is in it. I still haven't decided what i'm going to do yet.....
  3. there are no green triangles, because they are not considered power foods. but just like on the old SFT plan, there are foods you can eat in different categories that weren't on the filling foods list, but that are still ok. so it's still like that.
  4. not much has changed. a few things taken off the list, a few things added. only LIGHT/REDUCED CALORIE bread is allowed. fat free salad dressings are still allowed. chicken thighs are off, so is ff/sf pudding mix, olives and avocados.
  5. i have a blendtec and LOVE IT, so i'm sure you'll love your vitamix!
  6. congrats on the loss! I had my WI today at the meeting - down 6.4 pounds and earned a sticker lol. that was exciting. i met the official leader for the first time too - last week was a sub. i REALLY like her, and she was supportive of SFT, even though the meeting mostly talked about pointsplus. I totally understand the mental aspect of not tracking. I get enough points to where I can eat a crappy meal EVERY DAY and never go over my points if i stick with fruits and veggies the rest of the day. it's just not the right mental frame for me right now.
  7. how heavily do they rely on soy? I must admit to being intrigued with the vegan lifestyle. over the summer I did a short stint of 100% raw food and did enjoy it. My daughter really does not like meat or cheese very much and I want to support her healthy choices too. but i hate soy lol
  8. yeah i'm loving it. I'm not eating all that different but it's nice to feel like i have more wpa's. but i also enjoy logging on and tracking every bite. and i'm excited to go to the meeting for an official weigh in because i KNOW i'm down (because i cheat and check every morning too lol). anyway, something about the newness has re-energized me. i was in a horrible downward spiral for a few months.....i still don't totally understand why, but I don't want to dwell on it either, so i'm just trying to move on.
  9. oh and a ps.....i just updated my sig. I was so proud of my nearly 50 pound loss over the summer, but I need to face reality that I gained a lot of that back I'm not where I started, but I need to be honest with where I am if I'm going to move forward....
  10. Good morning and happy tuesday!! I am up a bit earlier then usual, after going to bed a bit later then usual. I was up very late counting the box tops for my daughters school....ugh, but at least i'm done! Just tired this morning. Don't drink coffee so i'll just muddle through lol So far I have had a very good week OP. Last night there was my usual smoothie that I usually have, but when I thought about it, I simply wasn't hungry for it, and so I didn't have it. I like having the conversations with myself again about hunger and choices, when I know I'm making good ones. I'm enjoying the feeling of being back in control, but since I know now how easy that is to backslide, I'm not taking it for granted.
  11. Donna - that quote is so true! I am going to keep that in mind from now on.... I honestly thought about counting points, but changed my mind before I even got home from my meeting lol. besides, i figured it out, i could eat out at fast food every day, then eat fruit and veggies for the rest of the day (which WOULD keep me full) and stay within my points. since that is really NOT a good way to do things, and I need to reign in right now, it's much more productive for me to do SFT. besides, i like it better lol
  12. in the US, a skinless chicken breast is still a power food, but it is wrong on the online tracker. when you go to your plan, there is a place somewhere for a pdf of power foods, although it is not as complete as the old filling foods list. there are also some 'extras' you are allowed, that are not considered power foods.
  13. I must be the weirdo. When I was in high school, i asked my mom to buy me skim milk to save on calories. She did, and I had the skim and everyone else had 2%. it was very much an acquired taste, but after all these years, i cannot drink even 1%, it's just too thick and 'coats' my throat.
  14. I'm a bit confused by this. Is it because you feel you will go over your points if you eat those? the plan itself doesn't limit you eating those items in one day.
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