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  1. YEA BcB Men in the house. Nice work DB. Congrats. you both look great. Keep it up..
  2. Thanks for the compliments. everyone.. Mercedes, not a coke fan, my wife is.. ha ha.
  3. Thnaks for all the compliments. You guys are great.
  4. I have some 100 lbs lost photos. Just though I would post. I made it at WI tonight. I have lost 101.2 officialy.. Me at 325 (My heaviest was 344) Me at 244 100lbs lost.. yea..
  5. Blake, I have never had it crash on me but I have noticed when I am at school sometimes I will put in breakfast and lunch and when I get home to put in supper the stuff for the day is gone. I always just chalked it up to being behind a Proxy, Firewall, and Web content filter. Figured that had something to do with it. I have never gotten an error just data loss for the day.I don't think I am supposed to, but I have started clicking on the SAVE the Day button multiple times a day. That has seemed to help the problem.
  6. I eat a bunch of these. I use them a pizza crusts.Whole pizza with sauce and turkey Pep for only 3 or 4 points. With FF cheese. It is a staple for me..
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