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  1. i know we all know about Fiber One cereal....wondering if any of you have had Kashi Vive. It is 1 point for 1/2 cup serving.... (1 serving is actually 1 1/4 cup for 3 points) It is packed with fiber and probiotic bacteria (aids digestion) Just curious to hear what you guys feel about these 2. Also, any info about probiotic bacteria) My view is because Vive is made by Kashi and they are knwon to use natural ingredients, i feel like kashi packs more natural fiber into the cereal then fiber one, translates ito better for you.
  2. i have heard a bunch about these yummy looking guys, but havent tried them and am wondering what you all think? are they good? worth the money? good FOR you as far as ingredients?
  3. i have noticed this happens with a number of the things I eat. Today for an after work/before gym snack I had 2 Thomas' Light Multi-Grain English Muffins with a little PB.....alone they (just the muffin) are just 1 point but eaten at the same time they are 3.5. With 8 grams of fiber each, this makes no sense to me. Would this hold true if I had eaten one for breakfast and one for a snack?
  4. just made the decision to finally join.....have been posting and taking the advice from these posts for months now. My question is....activity points...how do they work? If I gained 4 points from working out today, what does that mean to me today, tomorrow, etc? also, the allowable 35 points for the week....are those "banked" points in a way where you can use them whenever. for example, if i had a really bad day and used all my daily points (23) and needed to use say30 of the 35 other points, is that acceptable? (hope that never happens!!)
  5. I have been involved wiht BCB for a few months now and love the support that is provided here. I have never actually joined weight watchers and am finally seriously considering joining the online part of it (3 months is $65.00 right?) I have done the point system before, I am on board with the strategy and the process of WW, and have been successful at becoming close to my goal weight (120), but have not been able to reach it. Since then I have been gaining gradulally. i am now up to 130 (I know, not a substanial difference, but enough to drive me crazy) I feel bad knwoing that I just need to loose 10 pounds when people have been struggling and have achieved loosing 100+ pounds! I ADMIRE YOUR STRENGTH! It has taken a long time for me to realize that I am impedeing on my happiness and therefore, my success in life, becuase of these mere 10 pounds on me. Sounds so stupid, I know...i tell myslef to have fun, enjoy life, and not worry about the pounds, but I have been battling these feelings for over 10 years now and need to really put my thoughts to action or I am afraid I will never truly be happy. It is affecting the way I live and that is not fair. I am 24 and have a lot of happiness to experience, but cant get there until I say goodbye to this stupid number. Need some almost "newbie" advice. I eat very healthy, work out everyday and dont see myself needing to change too too much, except eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am fulll and saying NO to the temptations around me!! any advice, thoughts, critisicms, anythinggggg is welcome.
  6. Yes, Moo SHOO is notvery friendly....but moo SHEE is something different that I think its more point friendly. Sorry for the miscommunication. they are 2 different things. but thanks for your help!
  7. i rarely eat chinese and am looking for point friend options.....any ideas? does anyone know how amny points in the chinese dish moo shee? I have been unsuccessful at finding any nutritional info. I fee like this may be a decent chinese choice.
  8. Very normal to have more output when taking in more fiber, water, and again exercising more often. In addition, with these changes in the digestive system comes more gastric chnages as well. Increased fiber, specially from greens, will tend to cause more gas and bloating at times. Upping water intake can help this. as "embaressing" as it may be, ultimately it is a very very healthy embaressment. Being regular, so to speak, is in direct positive correlation to the way your systems are functioning. What goes in must come out.....indeed.
  9. i was juststill hungry after dinner and went right to the chocolate fiber one bars....a sad moment when the last bite is gone!
  10. lbsbgone


    I like the sound of the fake yellow of the egg! I am always up for trying anything new and nutritious so i will def try this!
  11. i discovered these last week and absolutely fell in klove with them!! chocolately, chewy, and full of fiber!
  12. lbsbgone


    i have always thought about making my own...i think iwill now....what is the point value for the can of beans with no oil plus a veggie?
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