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  1. Happy Birthday, Deb! I hope you had a great day!!

  2. We catch and eat alot of trout. I also buy frozen salmon in 1lb packages at WalMart and we love it grilled. Any fish would work well. I have a grill pan that has small holes in it which works great for grilling fish or veggies. Place your fish in a zip lock bag. Add olive oil enough to coat lightly Add minced garlic (comes in a jar) I use about 1-2 TBLS with some of the juice as well--do it to your taste Season with pepper or lemon pepper. Can also add dill. Leave in fridge for 1 hour to overnight. (I have even put on grill immediately and it worked fine) Grill. This is delish! great way to get your healthy oil, omega3,garlic is good for the heart!!!
  3. Wow these sound fabulous--can't wait to try them this weekend. Nice treat when guest are coming! Thanks...
  4. We are doing a group challenge at my WW group-- you can start a group or sign up as an individual. It's like a virtual trail-- you pick a trail and log your daily steps and it shows you how far you've walked on that trail. We as a group are doing the Pacific Crest Trail which goes from Mexico to Canada. We have walked over 600 miles in just a few weeks. It's a really fun challenge and a neat way to record your progress. Check it out at www.americaonthemove.org it is really fun!
  5. I would bake them at 350 for about 35-45 minutes. Check for doneness by poking veggies with a fork (be careful of the steam when you open the pouch a little)-- I have found that chopping the veggies fairly small makes it cook faster. The ice cubes just add some moisture which helps to steam the veggies.
  6. This works just fine in the oven.
  7. We often do what we call Scout burgers or Hobo dinners- foil pouches with potato,carrots,onions and hamburger, wrapped up and cooked on the grill. For the 4th I did them with lots of veggies-even added some fresh brocolli and used the flame grilled boca burgers instead of the hamburger. We grilled them while out on our sailboat to watch fireworks over the lake-- what a treat! Hobo Dinners Lay out foil- Place in middle- chopped potato, carrots,onion,any other veggie 1-2 boca patties 2 ice cubes (helps to steam) salt,pepper,garlic pwder fold foil into a tent style-sealing tight Place on grill for approx. 30-45 minutes until veggies are done. Enjoy! These also work fine in the oven too.
  8. Forgot to mention: I could not find the diet orange soda so I used a diet cream soda--it was great because it leaves some of the cake white and some orange from the jell-o, so it gives it that real "dreamsicle" look.
  9. I made two of these cakes, one for home and took one to my WW meeting. It was a HUGE hit! My DH loved it too. Thanks so much for the great recipe.
  10. Thanks!!! I needed a GREAT laugh today! Hillllarious and great fun. Think I'll share this with my WW leader-- it's good medicine, I think to laugh at ourselves now and then. I am sure I had the cards at some point too.
  11. bumping this up! I made this all last summer and it was a hit! I love it with craisins also, instead of the raisins. My whole family begs for this.
  12. WELCOME! We have all been where you are:bcb_up and eloquently stated. This is a great site for encouragement--support and a kick in the pants if needed. I love the recipes.... I am back doing the flex plan also, after hitting a plateau and quitting--which doesn't work--duh! Down 8lbs in two months--seems slow but at least I am not going in the up direction anymore! It also sounds like you've had the perverbial "click" in the head which is key. We all talk about when it just clicks and we are off and running....well for me, I have to have that click in my brain to be successful. My motivation is staying active and healthy. I am 57, my parents are just 18 yrs older than I am--both diabetic, lots of health issues--can't get around at all. I REFUSE to be like that in 18 years! I feel so much better--even though I have more to loose. Anyway, God bless and remember, it's just one day at a time. Deb
  13. I rarely eat hot dogs-- but having a cook out I found these Ball Park Fat Free Beef hot dogs that at just 1 pt each. I thought they were really good. The fat version beef dogs were 5pts each. Give them a try for your next cook out.
  14. At my WW meeting, I recently bought the little points calculator. It's the size of a makeup compact-- I think I paid 12.00 for it. I just love this thing! So handy to keep in my purse, so easy to use, easy to see, works also as a regular caculator, great at the grocery store...I am going to buy one for my sister and suprise her. It is great!
  15. I was just introduced to these Flame Grilled veggie burgers (2pts each) and I am hooked! I use Sara Lee skinny bread toast it in the pan with ff spray butter and garlic powder, grilled onion and ff mayo--WOW!! fantastic low point burger. DH loves them too.
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