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  1. Has anyone tried this? It's 70 calories, 6g fat for 4 slices - that's 2 points. I haven't tasted it, but I imagine it must taste good because my coworker does NOT need to eat low-cal, and she eats this all the time. Anyone?
  2. I just found these too! I also get the whole grain white. I used to get english muffins, but these are so much softer and better-tasting, and they're cheaper too!
  3. lmrd1010


    LOL.. I do NOT know about the floating sausage.. but it sounds intriguing!
  4. lmrd1010


    Ooh, I just tried your experiment again and it did get dark. Last time I didn't close my other eye But, if you just stare at an object with eyes open, other objects will disappear. Which is almost as freaky as not seeing at all
  5. lmrd1010


    While we're on the subject, I heard a story on NPR back in October about overeating I thought was interesting. Basically, researchers studied people's reactions to dopamine and found that obese people don't get as much pleasure as they expect to get from food, so they eat more of it to try and compensate for the discrepancy between their strong craving and reduced pleasure. Here's the story: http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=95799518
  6. lmrd1010


    lol.. I took psych also, and I think I know what's supposed to happen so I bravely tried your experiment. Items in the periphery start to disappear. You're not really looking at the item anymore and your brain isn't getting signals that it's there, so it starts forgetting that it's there and fills in the gap with what it thinks should be there.. so the bowl on my desk disappeared and just looked like.. more desk. Am I right?
  7. lmrd1010

    Easy Pumpkin cookies

    This sounds like a good idea - how long did you bake it for? Was it a good consistency for rolling up?
  8. I thought pumpkin was 0 points? I made one last night - 15 oz pumpkin 1 c. FF evap milk 1/2 c. egg beaters 1/4 c. DV SF Chai Tea concentrate 2 Tb each, DV SF vanilla & caramel 3 TB Cream of Wheat (I was afraid to use the full 1/4 cup, but will next time) 1 packet splenda (I wanted it to be a tad sweeter) sprinkle of cinnamon (Thought it needed more spice) I think this is 2 pts for 1/4 of the pie?? It's deeelish - thanks for the DV syrup flavor combo tip, Joanne!
  9. This sounds interesting, Stephanie.. have you actually tried it? Sounds like it should have some kind of sweetener in it, no?
  10. I'm sorry, I can't help you.. but if you wouldn't mind, would you share the pineapple cheesecake recipe? Also - did you let your husband live?
  11. If I remember correctly, tea can count as water as long as it's decaf. Same with soda. Though you're not supposed to substitute ALL your water this way. And I agree, tea isn't any points unless you add points to it.
  12. Wow, what a quick loss.. good for you! You look radiant!
  13. I wanted to try PB2, but didn't want to order 4 jars of it online, so I used the website to find the nearest retail store that carries it. There aren't any in my area, but it turns out there's a store just down the street from where my brother works, so I asked him to buy me a jar. Here's the response I got today: "I picked up your powdered peanut butter today. May I say...eeeeeech" This stuff better be as good as you all say it is, just so I can prove him wrong!!
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