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  1. You look amazing! Like a completely different person. You should be very proud of yourself!
  2. You look awesome - keep up the GREAT work.
  3. So 1 year ago today I started WW. I never imagined that I would become as committed and dedicated as I have. It really has become a lifestyle and not just a diet. Here are some of my progress pictures. Nov. 2006 188ish Dec. 2007 - 134 I can't express how much this board has truly helped me this past year. Thanks to everyone and HAPPY NEW YEAR
  4. I do have one, but it's at home - I will try to post tonight or bring in to post tomorrow. I haven't tried it, but want to.
  5. Does anyone know how many points are in a cup of miso soup? I know Eggdrop only has 1 point/cup. Just wanted to compare the 2
  6. I have tried WW many times and always found results, but never stuck with it long enough to really get anywhere. I think that something has finally clicked! Granted, this is only my 2nd week and I am only 2 pounds down, but I really feel better about it this time. I have finally gotten over the "see how little I can eat in one day" phase and have realized that I can eat food - lots of it - it's just a different kind of food. I have a WW cookbook that has fantastic recipes that I will continue to cook. I am excited to have found a board for support and look forward to getting to know all of you. I pray this time will stick
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