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  1. Hi everyone. I used to post here on and off, but have been gone for a long time. I had a baby almost 4 years ago, and used core to lost all of the baby weight in just a few weeks. Then I got pregnant again, and never really did anything to lose the weight I gained. My daughter will be 2 in July, and I'm still hanging onto about 15 pounds of baby weight. I know core works, and I'm recommitting today. Life is crazy with a 3 year old and almost 2 year old, so I'd love ideas for quick, kid friendly meals. Both kids eat most things, and one of their favorite places to go is the produce stand near our house, so I don't think it will be too much of an adjustment. I think the main thing I'm wondering about is breakfasts. I'm a sahm, so I usually cook in the morning, but I haven't been making core foods. We usually have muffins, pancakes, or toast, so I would love to hear what you all eat in the mornings. I don't think I'll do well if I try to eat something different than everyone else, so I need things that dh and both kiddos will eat too. I've always loved the positive energy of this board and look forward to getting to know everyone!
  2. I only have a second since DS is climbing all over me and trying to help me type, but I wanted to check in to say hello. Yesterday went well, and I have another good core day planned. I will try to get some exercise in, but that's still a challenge since I rarely get more than 5 minutes to myself with 2 small kids!!!! Hope everyone has a great day!!!
  3. Hi Everyone! We've had a busy Sunday, but I did sneak in a short nap while the kids were sleeping, so that's good. DD has been having trouble sleeping lately, so I'm feeling pretty tired. She's learned to roll onto her tummy, but can't get back over once she's there. She sleeps on her back, so she wakes herself up often during the night rolling over. Hopefully she'll learned to get back to her back soon! I've had a good core day. Breakfast was rushed, so I had an instant breakfast shake, but counted the points. Lunch was core, and I'm making ground turkey cooked with onions, garlic, and salsa verde for dinner. I'm serving it over barley, since I forgot to buy brown rice at the store. I love putting recipes together on core. I planned on doing personals, but DD is crying so I'll be back later.
  4. Good morning buddies! I'm so excited to be back on core. I weighed in this morning to get a start weight, and am at 139.6. That means I only have 3.6 pounds to get to prepregnancy weight, and 9.6 to goal. I plan to stay on core after goal this time, since before I haven't done so well after getting to goal. I used to post on and off, but I thought I'd give a little introduction...I'm Jaime and live in the south. I'm 30, and have 2 kiddos-DS who is 2, and DD who is 4 months. I'm a mostly SAHM (I work 1 day a week), and am married to a really great guy. I'm excited about getting to know everyone again!
  5. Thanks for the welcome! I'm stocked up on groceries, so I'm starting tomorrow!!
  6. Hi everyone! I've had several starts and stops since having my new baby girl 4 months ago, but this time I'm really committing. I've lost all of my pregnancy weight except for 5 pounds, and would like to lose that plus 5 more pounds from pregnancy #1 to get back to goal. I love core, and know that it works. Dh and I have also been focusing on eating more whole, natural foods, so core works well with that. I'm going to check in as often as possible-time isn't always easy to come by with a 2 year old and a 4 month old! I love this group because it is so positive and inspirational. I get so many good ideas from you guys!!!
  7. I'm planning to do 30 minutes of yoga while the kids are napping.
  8. Hi! I used to post here on and off, but I had a baby 3 months ago so I haven't been around too much. I've lost most of my baby weight, but still have 10 pounds to go. I've been doing flex, but am now starving, and my milk supply seems to be suffering (I'm breastfeeding). So, I'm planning to start back on core this week. My week starts on Thursday, so I'll officially make the switch then, but until then will be reading all of your threads to get inspiration. Just thought I'd say hello, and tell all of you that you make it so much easier to be on the core plan!! Wish me luck!!
  9. I had a minute and thought I'd say hello. I've been mostly lurking since I'm pregnant, but am slowly getting back into the habit of eating core foods since the baby is due in 4 weeks! I can't wait to get back OP and get rid of this baby weight!!!! I've been cooking core foods for the freezer, and have it pretty well stocked, so eating after she's here should be easy, at least for a couple of weeks. Have a great afternoon everyone!!!
  10. I just made a double batch of core chicken and dressing-one for dinner tonight and one for the freezer. Here's the link to the recipe.... http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=107063&highlight=core+chicken+dressing It must be pregnancy that's making chicken and dressing sound so good in May!!!!
  11. Linda, that's a great idea! I always make my meatloaf in little "muffins", but hadn't ever thought of doing the same thing with other foods!!!
  12. Becky-thanks for the advice. I was afraid to freeze the potatoes-now I know they'll be fine. Momaste-I made pumpkin chili mexicana all of the time when I was on core before DS was born. I love it, and had completely forgotten about it until I saw your post. Thanks for reminding me. I just bought some freezer bags and a few aluminum pans for freezing casseroles, so I'm ready to get started!
  13. This thread is exactly what I need as I'm trying to get ready for my new baby who's due in a few weeks. So far, my plan for the freezer is: Lasagna Meatloaf muffins Meatballs (thanks for the idea momaste!) Marinara sauce Homemade pizza dough (not core, but worth the points) Shepherd's pie (I froze the filling and will add potatoes after I thaw it) Pumpkin chili mexicana White Chicken Chili That's what I have planned so far. I'm sure I'll add to it, but need to look at some recipes for ideas. I don't have a ton of freezer space, so I'll just do what I can.
  14. This sounds so good! I think we'll have it for dinner tonight. I have everything I need on hand.
  15. Thanks so much for the ideas! I had such a hard time getting back OP after my first baby was born, mostly because I couldn't find the time to cook. My mom stayed with us for a week to help, and this time is staying for probably 2 weeks since DH will have to be out of town right after the baby is born. She means really well, but cooking core foods is just not something she does. She and my dad eat out a lot, so when she's here she usually offers to go pick something up. I thought that if I have things ready to go in the freezer she could thaw and bake them. Lynn-I hadn't thought of freezing grains, but I will definately try it. Alice is due at the first of July, so cold salads will be perfect. We live really close to a produce market, so my mom can go out and get fresh veggies to go in them. Amy-those recipes sound great. I've been reading your posts about getting back OP after your baby, and you're really inspiring. I've actually made your mexican lasagna and loved it, but had totally forgotten about it. I think I'll make a batch this week for the freezer.
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