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  1. Well, if I try it for a week and find that the points values are too restrictive for me to be able to eat anything that makes me feel satisfied, I think it's better to go back to Flex than to stick to a plan that makes me feel so restricted that I'll crash and burn in short order.
  2. I just started Point Plus yesterday, and I already hate it. I lost 40 pounds on Flex in 2007, and then I had some tragic situations and stopped following the plan, and now I weigh more than what I started with the last time I liked Flex because, as someone mentioned upthread, it was easy to quickly calculate how many points something would be with nutritional info, or even just by knowing what the ingredients were. It was easy to calculate points on the fly so I could stick to plan when I went out to eat or to someone's house. Now I have no idea what's going on. It's too complicated, and it seems like Atkins lite. Carbohydrates seem to jack up the points value of everything, which makes the food choices extremely restrictive. I'm angry that I threw away my old stuff, and that I just spent $60 on a three month pass to the online tools program. I think I'm going to have to find a used copy of the old materials and go back to that plan. I'll try this one for a week and see what happens, but I'm not successful when I feel restricted like this new program makes me feel. I liked the old program because I felt free to eat anything I wanted as long as I planned appropriately and controlled portion size. On this plan, there are too many things that WW has decided to make it not worth it to eat ever.
  3. Kristie, you look amazing! You look like an entirely different person! You should be so proud of yourself!
  4. Hi Jenn, I've been voting for you and I just voted again. Good luck!
  5. Wow! You look so much more energetic and happy! And I bet you are!
  6. Yeah, I think all of them except the cookies and cream are 3 pts, but of course, I would calculate before consuming! And yes, it's definitely due to the air being whipped in. That's how all the "slow churned" ice creams are so low in calories and fat. It doesn't bother me in the least because in my pre-WW life, I was an absolute ice cream ADDICT and my favorites are the kinds with mix-ins. So this satisfies my craving like no other. But definitely the other slow churned ice creams are denser (because they don't have to make up for all the calories in the mix-ins) and other light ice creams that use other methods to reduce calories/fat. I have since tried the Butterfinger, which I love, and the Cookie Dough and Peanut Butter Cup, which I think are just okay.
  7. Aha! I found them today - thanks Joanne!
  8. This sounds like something I'd like to try for the days when I need to bring a quick lunch to school. Where in the grocery store do you find them?
  9. I don't know how new these are, but I don't think I've seen anyone here mention them. They're little 2 pt. packs of mini strawberry newtons - like a fig newton but with strawberries. They're delicious and satisfy my hunger for a while when I'm in need of a snack. They're whole grain with a decent amount of fiber too. I'm pretty sure they have minis of the regular fig newtons as well.
  10. I've only tried the cookies and cream so far, but it's delicious! It tastes just like regular cookies and cream and has tons of cookies in it (unlike the Giant Eagle brand fat free ice cream I tried last week!). It's only 2 pts per half cup, but it's not advertised as being low fat or anything, so watch out for it at your store. They also have a brownie flavor, butterfinger, peanut butter cup, and cookie dough. I plan to try them all eventually!
  11. LOL, I use tiny little pyrex prep cups that only hold a 1/2 cup for exactly this reason. Then the cup looks full to me so it seems like more ice cream, and if I decide to have a whole cup, it's like having two full dishes of ice cream! It's funny the little things we have to do to trick ourselves!
  12. You should always eat your target. If you're not hungry and you still have points, nuts are always a good thing to eat, especially almonds and walnuts. They're a small amount of food for higher amount of points than most things.
  13. These give me terrible gas too. I just realized last week that they were the culprits. I'm pretty sure the sugar alcohol is to blame.
  14. Thanks so much, Joanne! You rock!
  15. Sorry if this is a completely boneheaded question, but the 5 servings of fruits and vegetables - is that supposed to be 5 of each per day? Or 5 total divided among the two? 5 of each per day seems high, but 5 total divided between the two isn't a lot compared to what the http://www.mypyramid.gov site recommends (of course it's based on a 2000 calorie diet, which would be way too many calories for me). I've been doing horribly at this part of the healthy 8's and I want to make sure I'm doing it right.
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