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  1. I sell on Ebay and have a postage scale for that. I have been using it to weigh my food today. I used it last night to weigh chicken chunks to throw on my salad for lunch today. I got it at WalMart for $19.99!
  2. At the grocery store I found Thomas 100 Calorie English Muffins, I used my point calculator and figured 1 point. I had one this morning and it tasted like a regular one.
  3. I was able to convince DD and her friend to go to Ruby Tuesdays, so everything worked out good. I had the crabcake appetizer and salad bar. I brought my own 1 pt dressing!!
  4. I haven't finished losing weight, not by a long shot, as I have just started, but I think I will be successful long term because I am making life changes that I know I will still be able to do 10 years from now. I have eliminated all fried foods. I am very vigilant about journaling. I do not put anything in my mouth without calculating the points first. I plan out my meals for the next day, etc...
  5. I am doing WW at home. I am using the points system. Do you recommend I sign up for the Online WW program. I have been doing WW on my own for two weeks now. I have been staying on or under my points target (25), feel confident, and have done really well so far. I was just looking for some information/opinions about the online program before I sign up for it. Thanks in advance. Melissa
  6. I am doing 25 points a day! I am doing a modified at home WW program. So far I have not went over my 25 points. Some days it is a little less than 25 points. My scale doesnt work, and I am waiting on my mom to send me the new WW one she got at Costco, so I can accurately weigh myself, but I think I am around 240 or so.
  7. I wonder about just getting a salad with grilled chicken on it and bringing my own Paul Newman's 1 pt dressing...
  8. I love the Alexia frozen potato wedges with olive oil. I think they are 2 pts for 8 wedes.
  9. Thanks. The chicken stir fry seems low in points, not sure about the taste. Prior to WW I used to get the buffalo chicken wrap, which I am assuming would be way too high in points to have.
  10. I posted another thread kinda about this. We are going there on Friday for dinner and I am still kinda up in the air as to what I can/should order.
  11. I meant to say 1/2 of one of those...
  12. I am planning ahead. Friday night after gymnastics I am taking DD and her friend to Friendlys. That is where they want to go. I looked up the point information that was available and it seems outdated, and I know they have different menu options not listed on the sites I found. The only possibilities I saw were Crispy Chicken Wrapper 17 Grilled Chicken Deluxe 15 *So I guess I could have one of those and a veggie side like broccoli or corn. Is anyone familiar with some of the other Friendly's items that they might know the points of and can share. Thanks in advance! Melissa
  13. Thanks everyone. I looked up the points for them too. I am only eating them when I do not have time to make something or for a quick lunch. But I was researching online today and realized they do already have the points on the boxes too. I had been figuring them out myself.
  14. I have a Lean Cuisine Herb Roasted Chicken calories: 180 fat: 3.5 fiber: 3 I calculated the points myself and came up with 3. This seems awful low for a frozen entree, did I do it correctly? Thanks in advance. Melissa
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