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  1. Linda...I think I lost the message I just sent so I'll send another. We will be getting in sometime Friday afternoon. Don't know if it will work this time, possibly LaRue's. I'm sure you will be busy getting things together to leave for your MIL's. My cell is 269 806-1293 ~ Joni

  2. Hellp girly. I hope you start feeling better soon. If you are in the area call me 269-806-9187 is my cell. We will be in IL sat-mon of memorial day fixing the mIL roof is that when you are coming here. MY daughter stephenie has friends in Gobals.

  3. I am thinking of you. Hope the transplant happens soon so you can get on with things. Enjoy the party.

  4. Thank you for the information. I earned 9 AP today but I am working on eating good foods for those points. Yes, I was at the gym for almost 2 hours today. 40 mins on one machine and 15 on another and then I lifted on a few machines. I gained weight after working so hard at the gym last week. I cried! and then well, this is another week. I am still up according to my scale. I think it is fluid since I am sore. My DH tells me it will drop soon. I know it will. I had this goal of making my goal weight by my 51st bday. I am still 27 lbs away. SW 225 CW 191.75 GW 165ish. I have never been able to make it that far. I made it to 179 in 2003 and well you know. Linda
  5. I started going to the gym two weeks ago. I meet with a trainer who was ok. She gave me abs for each day, upper body and lower body for every other day. I have done one week so far of that. I also use the elptical machine for 30 minutes each time. Question number one. I am working out about an hour. How many points can I add to my diet? I am hungry, but not starving. I have been OP since end of Aug. and lost 35 lbs to date. I have 27 to go. I can eat 25 a day add my 4 ex pts, and sometimes use the extra 35. I gained this week. I was so sad. I worked so hard. I also measure myself once a month. I am having a few health issues. I have gotten my tri and colesteral down but my blood sugar remains slightly high. I have elevated sed rate and ANA this time too. Don't really know what they mean yet. I have arthritus already but now it looks like it could be another thing. 1. Ideas on what I should I eat. 25 plus exercise pts. of 4 plus extra five if I am hungry. Question two. How long should one be lifting or working on core streghth after doing eliptical workout? I am confused and sad that I gained after I worked so hard the last week. I worked out every day for 7 days straight. I took today off and back at it tomorrow. LInda
  6. How Many point can I use /eat when I work out. I just joined a gym and I am doing cardio for 30-40 minutes, weights for about 10-15. They said at the meeting I can only eat 4. I am starving. Help
  7. I am from Western Michigan too. I live in Mattawan and teach in Kalamazoo. My worst time is when I get home from school and before I go to bed. I am also a newbee on this site. I have found things that are very low points to eat when I am so hungry. I eat a salad, or a extra helping of veggies. Hot Tea or 1 point drinks help me. I bought this exercise ball at Wal mart. I often sit on it for balance and it keeps myself busy so I don't want to eat. SG free jello helps too. Linda
  8. In 2003-04 I almost got to my goal but never made it all the way. To date I have lost 32.75 and 11.75 to get to second 10%. I have now turned 50 and it is a little harder. I am looking for a place to get ideas and support. I almost always go to my meeting and probably talk to much but I don't have many friends in Michigan who are on WW with me. I love the program and know that it works.
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