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  1. Adele ~ My hubby actually works for the railroad. So he is on the road alot! Our dd's our almost 16 and 12 and it's all they've ever known. I don't think they would know what to do if there dad was there 24/7.....as it is he and the 16 year old seem to butt heads so often that if he were home all time we could have a serious war on our hands Melissa ~ How are things going for you today? Has your weather cleared up yet? It is sunny and beautiful here today.....I am going to have to go home and mow the lawn to get some activity in and maybe take the puppy on a walk.
  2. Hello to all of the beautiful Fit & Fab Fems! I had a not so good weekend staying OP....I did really well Friday and all day Saturday, but.......we went to a friends for a cookout party and had 5 Miller Lite 64's which lead me to eat more than I should've. But I got right back on track on Sunday and yesterday and will stay OP the rest of the week. It's just really hard and I would love any advice. My husband works on the road and is gone for 8 to 10 days at a time. There are usually (if we are lucky) only two weekends a month that he is home. I never have a problem staying OP during the weeks (i thrive on structure and schedules) but on the 2 weekends he's home we usually go out for drinks one night and the other night take the girls out for pizza and a movie. Here I go making excuses again. It sounds like you are all doing so well staying OP......I need to follow your lead and buck up and just do it.......no excuses. I ended up buying a WW calculator because I get so busy running and doing during the day I don't write my points down. It really seems to help me know exactly where I stand and when it's tell me 0 points left for the day I am done eating. Anyone else use the calculator? Must get back to work......after all that is what they are paying me for! Have a great day all!
  3. Let me apologize in advance for this long post......I am a newbie and just trying to make some connections so that I have a strong group of buddies to help see me through this journey. And I do believe the Fit Fab girls will do just that!! Happy Friday Girls! I am hoping to stay op this whole weekend no excuses. We are invited to friends for a BBQ this weekend and that makes it a little difficult; but I can do it. I have printed off some recipes and am going to use them to take a few point friendly dishes as my dish to pass. Wish me luck! Adele ~ You have a snoring DH too? Mine is awful....love him lots but some nights I would like to put a pillow over his face. And its worse when he’s had a few cocktails so I am sure after the BBQ tomorrow night it will be wonderful. Megan ~ Don’t beat yourself up about the rice crispy treat......I would’ve went even more overboard than that! I am so thankful that the closest Starbucks (I live in nowhere, WI) is a half hour drive away; otherwise I would be treating myself to a White Chocolate Mocha on a daily basis! And from your post it sounds as if you enjoyed it and didn’t let it put you over in points. That is some self control that I need to learn from you girls here; if I feel like I messed up one day then I totally go overboard and BLOW it!! Stephanie ~ Your children are beautiful! I remember mine being that young....finding time exercise or even cook a meal was a challenge! And I didn’t have twins!! My girls are much older now (12 and almost 16) so it frees up some of my time. I say some because the running we do for sports and school related activities now that they are older eats up many an evening. I am with you on the fact that I need to get my eating under control and then add in the exercise. If I throw to many challenges at myself at once.....I risk failing and just giving it all up together. Melissa ~ Your son too is a handsome young fella.....I am sure my 12 year old would agree. Lol. Sounds like you had quit a workout last night......can you share some of your energy and stamina? Quinny ~ Thanks for the welcome. It sounds like you’ve had a rough emotional few days. How awful for the young family to lose their Husband/Dad....my thoughts and prayers are with them. And I am sorry to hear of your girlfriend going thru the divorce......I imagine it is a hard and trying time for her. I hope today your were able to get your positive attitude back and stay op. Hope you all have a great OP weekend! It looks as if the weather is going to be gorgeous here.....right now it’s 71 and sunny. Perfect if you ask me!!
  4. Thursday 08/07/08 – Points Allowance 23 Breakfast – WW Bagel 2 pts. Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge 1 pt. Lunch – Smart Ones Meal 6 pts Dinner – Subway Sub 7 pts. Snacks – Mini Bag Popcorn 1 pt. Caramel Corn Rice Cake 2 pts. Total Points Used: 19 I see by looking at my last two days menu’s that I need to get to the store and get some groceries, start making some of these great WW friendly recipes to keep things changing otherwise the lack of variety in my meals will send me on a BINGE........ Steps Taken: 3609 (Oooh.... that’s bad I went fishing with my girls and didn’t go on a walk....excuses, excuses, excuses)
  5. Wednesday 08//06//08 – Points Allowance 23 Breakfast – WW Bagel 2 pts. Laughing Cow Cheese Wedge 1 pt. Lunch – Smart Ones Meal 5 pts Dinner – Subway Sub 7 pts. Baked Lays 3 pts. Snacks – Mini Bag Popcorn 1 pt. Caramel Corn Rice Cake 1 pts. Steps Taken: 7646 (I need to get this higher should be around 10,000!!)
  6. I am a 36 year old from Wisconsin. My dh Mark and I have two dd, Hayley 15 and Lexie 12. I work for an agricultural company doing Accounts Receivable and inventory. I've struggled with my weight most of my life. My siblings are and always have been tiny (size 1 and 3) and I've always been the chubby one. Well it's time to change that. My highest weight was in 2002 I was 208 lbs. I've been on WW's (attended meetings) 2 times before lost 26 lbs the first time and 38 the second go round. I am currently at around 186 and don't want to get back in the 200's again. And believe me at the rate I've been going if I don't make some changes I will be there in no time. So thanks for welcoming me to your group and I hope to be Fit and Fabulous in 2009!!!
  7. Hello ladies! I am a newbie and would love to join the Fit & Fab Fems! Thanks for the invite Melissa. Count me in and I will keep my thoughts on becoming fit and fabulous. I am a newbie to the board (but not to WW's) so any advice is greatly appreciated. Such as how to join a group? When/where to post weigh ins?
  8. Thanks for the invite! I would love to join. Maybe just being a part of a group called Fit and Fab Fems will give me the motivation I need to take off these pounds.
  9. You look so tiny.....You should be bursting with pride. Job well done and I hope in the next year I can look and feel as great as you are!!
  10. You look absolutely beautiful! What an inspiration to others. Congratulations!!
  11. Good morning Nessa! I too need all the buddies and support I can get my chubby little hands on! If we get enough of us together we will be a force to be reckoned with and be UNSTOPPABLE in our weight loss! Joining the military? Wow.....I have the utmost respect for those brave enough to serve our country. Kudos to you and people like you. And here's to meeting the weight requirements.....we are on our way. Have a great on points day.
  12. New here, not new to WW's. I managed to lose 36 pounds last year while attending WW meetings. Add in a long Midwest Winter, lot's and lot's of excuses and bad eating......and I am right back were I started. Well no more.......I need to get it off and keep it off!! Anyone looking for a buddy for support and encouragment?
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