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  1. Unfortunately there has been no official stance on this from WW..... Many on the official WW boards have posted that they are either staying with the old standard of 100 cal = 1 AP or changing it to be 80 cal = 1 AP. Based on the public WW patent details, 1 AP comes close to 35 calories so using 80-1 ratio is staying pretty consistent with the old logic. I personally use 80=1AP and have found the official online tracker/mobile app etc grossly overestimates AP's. HRM calculation of 295 calories has calculated 8-9 AP's on the tracker. I would be in trouble if I ate those
  2. Welcome.... sometimes I believe that until each of realize that we are WORTH it, we struggle
  3. Oatmeal is also my favorite go to food.. It's comforting and yummy
  4. My friend would always weigh in wearing shorts and an exercise sports bra. Well one day, she was running late to the meeting and forgot to go home and change first and didn't even think of it. She went on the scale and started undress to her normal sports bra except she wasn't wearing one. Oh she totally shared the 3 ladies there that were there to sign up because they thought what she was doing was expected.... I still tease her to this day...
  5. Rejoining back after a few years off, but wanted to say - Impressive Allison..
  6. JoanneNC


    Personally its worth every point
  7. Are you under the monthly pass? Meetings with eTools or just eTools? I am ONLY online so since online is my only resource of information, maybe I get this extra link?
  8. If she is paid online member, she has a link called YOUR PLAN, within there are 4 links, PointsPlus Guide, Using the Site, A-Z topics and Maintaining your weight She should be looking for the Power Foods Link and/or the link for Meal Plans and Recipes for a week.
  9. JoanneNC

    WW Online

    Just an FYI: The patent for the WW calculation is public knowledge and can be found thanks to Google. NOW understanding the new DPA formula, that is a totally separate issue. They also have the formula to hand calculate (ok with a calculator or excel function) the individual points. But I think the mobile option will be the sole reason why WW will get my money this year as the features make it extremely convenient
  10. Online member here - under my Plan Manager, there is a link to A-Z topics.. There is so much information in there
  11. Another lapsed lifetimer that rejoined 2 weeks ago and enjoying the new program as well
  12. I also didn't know they would do this.... such helpful information
  13. Wow- I am excited to have 2 new APPS to try out. I have been calculating points manually on an Excel spreadsheet but often slack due to the task being so tedious and not always where I am when I am eating. Hoping that one of these 2 will work Thanks for sharing
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