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  1. Remember that AP's are weight dependent. The more you weigh, the more AP's you accumulate. That being said: Use your slider and be honest. I think that you are being very honest. At your weight, it is very easy to earn 10 AP's doing what you are doing. If you are just starting to workout, things will be harder than they will be once you have been doing them for awhile. That is why for some people a weight training session will earn them 3 AP and for others it will earn them 5 or 6. Weight training difficulty is based on the amount of weight that you are using, how many reps you are doing, how many sets you are doing and how long you are resting in between. I have found, for me, that if I eat about half my AP's it works out well. Good luck and WTG on the exercise! xoxoxoxox Sal:salut
  2. I don't know where you live, but Kroger carries them and so does HEB in TX. xoxoxox Sal:salut
  3. Laurie, I am here to add my prayers for you and your DH. He IS in the best place. PE's are nothing to play around with. I had one right after my hysterectomy. They should be able to get it dissolved and he should be home before you know it. Hang in there gf. xoxoxox Sal :
  4. Carol, Sounds interesting. I have an idea! Why don't you try it and let us know how it is? xoxoxo Sal:bcb_bravo
  5. Thanks! This looks awesome! xoxoxoxo Sal:bcb_up
  6. I love spaghetti squash. When I cook it, I put it on a microwave safe plate and pierce it with a VERY sharp knife about 6 times all over. Place it in the microwave and if it is a good sized squash, I cook it for 15 min. When you pull it out, be careful. Let it sit for a few minutes, then slice it open and pull out the seeds. Next dig out the meat and enjoy. xoxoxoxo Sal:salut
  8. Just think about this for a moment: If it didn't work, would WW still be in business? The plan works, if you work it. Those points are there for a reason. USE THEM! xoxoxox Sal:bcb_salut
  9. SusieKew, Thanks! Just wanted to let you know that it worked. I don't know why I have to go back and keep checking it, but I do. It works, though. When I cleared my cookies, it use to save my info on BCB, but not anymore. Anyway, thanks I appreciate all of the suggestions! xoxoxox Sal:bcb_salut
  10. :bcb_bravoTo you for staying OP, despite your detour! This is what BCB is all about! I can't say enough, how proud I am of you, for coming here and asking for help, so that it doesn't happen again. If it does, you have some awesome suggestions! Make sure that you are correctly pointing your foods. For my Kraft American singles that are 2%, it is 1pt per slice. You could have had 2 skinless chicken legs with a huge veggie salad with 1tsp EVOO and flavored vinegar with a little Kansas City Steak Seasoning sprinkled on top and some other free veggie (love that cauliflower done that way), with some ICBINB spray or Parkay Spray(I like this one better). Again, WTG soldier! You Rock! xoxoxoxo Sal:bcb_salut
  11. Thanks y'all. I am remembered at work, but not at home. I can't edit a post from either place through Yahoo. I've always used Yahoo and never had a problem. I can edit if I go in through MSN. It's just weird. xoxoxoxo Sal:salut
  12. Why does the site sign me out when I try to edit a post? It says I don't have permission to perform this function. It's my post, so what's up with that? TIA, Sal:salut
  13. I portion my homemade sauce out into freezer bags and throw them in the freezer. They keep well. I would portion 1 serving each into sandwich ziplocks and then put all of them into a big freezer bag. xoxoxoxo Sal:salut
  14. salmam1

    Light Cheesecake

    volksgirl, I'm sorry, but I don't have a clue. I've never had a problem with it. I do use the original recipe, but I use Splenda. You could check the temp. of your oven and make sure that it is as hot as you have it set. That can be a problem. xoxoxo Sal:salut
  15. WTG BUDDY~ YOU ROCK! xoxoxoxo Sal:salut
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