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  1. If anyone could help me out I would appreciate it...I lost my points book and have no idea what to count sweet potato as if somebody could let me know that would be great
  2. I would be interested too....I just got back on track and I think t his could be fun
  3. Hey everyone.....where are we all...I have been so busy the past few wks with my kids I havn't been here much but I have been OP and finally going down again...am hoping to be where I was before I messed up before the end of June. My activity hasn't been too good , sounds ridiculous but lately I have not had time but am hoping to figure out something soon to be on a regular routine again. Have a good night
  4. Hi everyone....have had a busy week so my activity hasn't been that great but today I am planning on doing some outdoor walking hopefully a few miles its so nice out. I might go back to meetings next week. Have a great day
  5. Hey everyone, hope we are all doing well and getting activity in....I havn't been posting much been so busy the last few day but I have used the wii fit a few times and will use it again in the morning Have a good night everyone:bcbkickbu
  6. Great job with activity Jane....not sure about the milk, I usually do yogurt and mix fresh fruit with it...or lattes are mixed with milk so it counts too, not sure if you are a coffee fan...I used the wii fit for 15 minutes but had to stop havn't felt too great today but made myself exercise. Have a great night:bcb_bravo
  7. Great job Jane....I just used my wii fit for 28 minutes of running.....its nice to feel like I am getting in control again. I will do more activity tonight or tomorrow:bcbkickbu
  8. SO excited to be part of this challenge and the black team...we can do it, I weigh in on fridays starting this week The Black Team SW=191 GW=165, ww goal weight 140 Weigh in day= Friday BL Challenge 3/2/09 Week 1 (3/2 - 3/8): 191 Stayed the same Week 2 (3/9 - 3/15):190 down 1 Week 3 (3/16 - 3/22): Week 4 (3/23 - 3/29): Week 5 (3/30 - 4/5): Week 6 (4/6 - 4/12): Week 7 (4/13 - 4/19): Week 8 (4/20 - 4/26): Week 9 (4/27 - 5/3): Week 10 (5/4 - 5/10): __________________
  9. Hi everyone..on the black team here and so excited, I havn't been this motivated in a long time:bcbkickbu
  10. If its not too late I would love to join thsi....I have been waiting for this challenge to be offered again, and just noticed it tonight. My starting weight is 191
  11. I would join a biggest loser 4 challenge if one is started....not sure if anyone out there has decided to organize it
  12. nobody has posted here on our thread for awhile so I think its time to keep liven the thread up...I had a rough august and did gain, a few pounds, not sure what happened old habits slowly crept back in but I have got myself back on track. After not going to ww for a month I weighed in last monday and gained 6.4, my fault and I Knew what I had done to gain, weighed in today and lost exactly 6.4. I stayed OP since last week and tracked everything. Hope everyone is doine well lets start posting again:bcbkickbu
  13. Hey everyone, still trying to get activity in did a mile walk last night and this morning, am planning on another after dinner tonight. Its all I have fit in lately but am going to keep trying to find time Have a good night everyone
  14. I"m so glad we are back...you don't realize how important this place is until you can't get in here. I have been trying to do more activity am determined to get in the 150's by the end of June...Sunday I used my treadmill before work for fifteen minutes, Yesterday I walked with a friend we had a picnic lunch in the park and walked along the water...about 2 miles, she also lives in a nice area with a few trails so we walked that too another two miles. Today the kids and I walked about a mile....they wanted an ice cream so I made a deal we get ice cream we have to walk to get it. Carolyn, awesome job with your weigh in, Mike great job getting activity in, keep it up you can do this, Have a great evening Charlene
  15. Hey everyone hope you all had a great day...I havn't been posting much here either Jane...but I have got some activity in I really am detemined to get into the 150's soon...Today the kids and I went walking down a trail in the woods not sure how long it ended up being my guess would be 2 miles, yesterday I did 15 on the treadmill and tuesday we went to the same trail and walked..my guess is 2 miles that day too...Its in the woods there are many different trails to walk down very pretty out there. Have a great night Charlene
  16. Hi everyone...used my treadmill tonight only made it ten minutes but am not feeling all that great tonight might do more later if I feel up to it. I also admit I had a very rough day on program...went over my daily pts and don't think I have the flex to cover it to be honest I am not sure how many I even had. But its over and I did good at dinner it was only 2 pts was the lowest pt dinner I could think of. Have a good night eveyone, Congratulations on your great loss Em
  17. Hey everyone...had a good OP day. Went out to dinner tonight with my son and mother ordered off the ww menu at applebees...didn't plan on going out so I didn't have very many pts left so I had to use some of the flex pts. It was nice out so I went walking with a friend..about 2 miles. Have a good weekend Charlene
  18. abty77


    I was overweight while pregnant with both my kids, I never gained a pound until the last month with either of them...but I had all ready lost 40 with my first before I started gaining and about 30 with the second. So I was lighter in the end of my pregnancies than I was when I got pregnant. The kids were healthy...weighed 8'1 and 8'2
  19. Breakfast hard boiled egg-2 bacon-3 yogurt-1 Lunch Pizza--12 milk--3 salad-1 Dinner veggie burger on pita bread-2 stewed tomatoes and spinach-0 Snack Jello-1
  20. Hi Quinny, I think a minneola is a cross between a Orange and a tangerine. I have seen it called a honey tangerine too.
  21. Hi everyone...had a pretty good day today I get 23 pts a day but if I work I sometimes add no more than 2....on my feet all day and get hungry.I dont' use those towards my weekly 35...weird but its worked for me so far. Breakfast granola bar--1 ww yogurt--1 bacon--3 Lunch Salad-6 Minneola-1 latte-3 Dinner Chicken-4 potatoes-2 brussel sprouts-0 Snack Jello w/whip cream-1 chocalate-3
  22. Can anyone join this group? I am in need of some buddies to help me stay accountable for my last 25-30 to lose. Posting my menu sounds like a great idea might keep me on track a little better than I have been
  23. Hi everyone, had a good day today, stayed on program and I did use my exercise bike for 15 minutes after work today. Its a start back into activity. Em, my only suggestion is if you are working out as much as you are maybe your body needs more food. And you could be retaining water or building muscle. I have had some weeks where I have lost very little and had no idea why. I have had some gains and didn't know what had happened either..Keep following program you will see results. Have a good day all Charlene
  24. Hey everyone had a really good day on program but no activity....way too busy I know it sounds like I am making excuses thats how I feel but I have been going all day and know I am so tired.Tomorrow should be less hectic so I should be able to do something. H ave a good night Charlene
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