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  1. Hey Blake - Sorry I missed your message. I thought I was on a roll around Thanksgiving time last year. I am sorry to admit it didn't last long and I went into a backslide shortly after that - the winter and spring weren't kind to my OP progress at this I'm about 7 pounds less than I was when I began the journey back in '07. Glad to hear the family is doing well - I have got to get my rear in gear - I've checked out the board a few times without signing in but it's real quiet. I've been OP for a week and going to make a new run at it. Hang in there. O'Dawg

  2. I have George and has been stated numerous times get the removable grills. I returned the first one I had because I am a clean freak and hated that I could not get it clean enough for my tastes. I never put mine in the dishwasher. They cleanup easily with soap and water. One tip is when you take your food off get 2 or 3 paper towels wet liberally and fold them to fit your grill then close the lid on them unplugged while hot. This will literally steam loose the stuff so it wipes right off. I have cooked chicken, steak, fish burgers, veggies tons of stuff. Some things even though its Teflon coated still work better with a quick blast of EVOO nonstick spray. Fish and veggies mainly. I also don't care for having marindae on the grill it burns onto the food unlike a gas or charcole grill. Blake
  3. The crockpot is great. My wife is 7 months pregnant with a 20 month old to chase around. We have used our Crockpots endlessly since she got pregnant the first time. Very easy just toss the ingredients in and wait. I love coming home and smelling the aroma through the whole house. So many things you can do with it the crock pot. I just found this site a couple days ago. Lots of ideas. These are not WW recipes but there are some great ideas to modify and work with. http://crockpot365.blogspot.com/ My wife has the Salsa chicken Black Bean soup going right now for dinner. Also its a good idea to invest in a couple diffrent sizes if you use them a lot. We have a 5qt, 3qt and 2.5qt. Blake
  4. trying ww had some great points. I love cooking with the crockpot. I always said you could cook some carboard and rocks in there with a couple cans of low fat cream of something soup and it would be tender in 10 hours. As was stated the crock is best for cheap meat. It can turn a tough piece of meat into super tender meat. I usually buy cheap lean steaks or my favorite is Rump roast. I use it for all kinds of stuff. I cut off the fat and make steaks with it or cut it into chunks depending on what I am cooking. My wife is great about finding it on sale for less than 3.00 a pound and its great for lots of things. Anyway back to what you were asking. When you use the crock depending on size you usually need it at least 2/3 full for it to heat correctly and not burn items. One thing with marinade is that it normally cooks a lot off on the grill. So its not to strong. Using it strait in the crock may make it very strong it could also change the flavor greatly having the marinade actually cook and blend. Best of luck. Blake
  5. late to this post but I agree Omron is the best. The HJ-112 or hj-720 which can be hooked to your pc if your a stats nut. I tried tons of them and nothing is as accurate as these. I saw WW has a new one out but haven't got my hands on it yet to see if its an omron or not. Nice thing about omrons is they work in your pocket purse anywhere on your person. None of this put it directly over your front right beltloop or directly under you arm nonsense. Blake
  6. Ruthie, you look awesome.. Great work.. you earned.. blake
  7. Don't know where else to post this. An admin will probably have to answer this. I noticed that it looks like I have lost some subscribed threads. I am only seeing threads that have been posted to in the last year. I ask because I subscribe to ones so I can go back and grab vital info. Can you change this setting possibly? thanks, Blake
  8. Yup you are pointing to the pictures on your computer. We can't see those you will need to upload them to the web then link to them.. Here is a how to post. http://www.healthdiscovery.net/forums/showthread.php?t=119962
  9. Well it sounds like your Applebees just sucks.. Still I tried a few items on their menu and am not a fan. The portabella steak was a joke imo. The Steak was tiny and tough.. The broccoli also had that nasty paste junk on it. The tilapia was ok but its not hard to cook a piece of plain fish and toss on rice. My issue is their season veggies are always broccoli and thats it. IF I am looking a chain like that I Always prefer something from chilis off their guiltless platters.. Threir chicken is delicious and they give you more food than Applebees imo. blake
  10. Sarajane, I can't help you on the lactose free cheese. I would like to say that I am terribly lactose intolerant. I had no idea for a couple years. I honestly thought my wife was trying to poison me. Little did I know it was the ice cream after her meals that was causing me terrible pain. I then found out I was lactose intolerant and started taking a lactose enzyme like lactaid. I take 1 or 2 a day; one when ever I eat dairy. Simple enough. This has changed my life. I used to have stomach issues all the time. Now its very very rare and never because of milk unless I forget to take a pill. If you haven't tried that I suggest it. The generics are the same as lactaid I get what ever is cheapest. I used to buy kirkland brand from costco but can't locate it on their site right now. Also the cost of the lactaid generally is offset by being able to buy regular milk instead of lactose free milk its very pricey. Blake
  11. Sure its activity and WW counts it as that. I don't have e-tools at the movement so I can't recall the exact numbers on how many steps at what activity level = how many APs. Just say on average it takes 2000 steps to walk a mile you are doing some where around 5 miles really it varis like 1750 to 2500 depending on stride but for to make it easy we will say 2000. Anyone walking 3-6 miles a day is much better off than no exercise. I think they say walking a mile burns around 100 cals. It takes 3000 to burn a pound so 3x100 = 300 a day times 5 = 1500 thats half a pound just from walking 3 miles a day 5 times a week. Of course those are all estimates but I hope you get the point. So keep on walking.. Your helping your heart your cardiovascular system and lots of other things bye loosing or keeping weight off. Also know that pedometers vary greatly in qaulity. And can be off as much as 60% so invest in a good one.. I love Omron ones that you can get from Amazon.. Blake
  12. Bryan.. Awesome Job man congrats on hitting goal. You earned it. blake
  13. Amazing job. You are the incredible shrinking woman... blake
  14. Little Chubber, You look wonderful. You have done such a great job and are an inspiration to the board. Blake
  15. Kim, You look great way to keep with it.. What a great and happy looking family you have also.. blake
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