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  1. SCMusicMom


    Rich, For years I got up at 4:30 to workout. It was good to get it over with early in the day, since there are so many distractions after work. BUT, you are right, I always felt weak. Now that I workout in the early evening, I feel much stronger and have more energy. I saw something on TV about this last week also. I guess though that it's better to work out in the morning than not get to do it at all. Having small children, you never know what's going to be waiting for you when you get home from work. Laveta
  2. SCMusicMom


    Good Morning, The 4 miles were good. It is still not too hot here and I was able to run outside. Soon I'll have to move inside on a treadmill when I run after work. It'll be over 100 degrees soon. Laveta
  3. SCMusicMom


    Rich, Spinning is something I've never tried. It's too hard for me find a time to get to a gym. I also have twins but they are 15 and it's hard to get out the door after I get home from work. Yesterday was a much needed rest day. Today I'll be running 4 miles after work and Legs and Back/Ab Ripper when I get home. Laveta
  4. SCMusicMom


    Good Morning, Since I ran 5 miles on Saturday, I didn't do a P90X workout. Yesterday afternoon I did PlyoX and Shoulders and Arms....WHEW!!! The cardio workouts are easier for me to calculate AP's for. I'm never sure how many to count for the weight workouts. What does everyone else do? Today is Yoga, after work. Laveta
  5. Heather, You can do a 5K with no problem. I had these same struggles when all of a sudden it went to a 20 and 25 minute run...I couldn't believe how hard it was! I was so surprised at my first 5K how easy it was. I think being with a group helps motivate you. I've done 2 5K's now and one 5 mile race and love doing them. After your first, you will be hooked. Laveta
  6. Hi Heather, I was reading about your C25K. Keep up the work. I finished it in March in time for a St. Patrick's Day 5K. Have you signed up for a race yet? It will keep you motivated to finish the program. I never thought I would get past week 6 and 7 with the long runs but now run 4 miles 2 days a week and 5 on Saturdays. I'm trying to increase my distance to run an 8K in September. Laveta
  7. SCMusicMom


    Hi Rich, I found your posts about P90X. I got mine for Christmas this year and LOVE them! I finished 4 weeks, using the schedule but haven't really stuck very well to the schedule since then. I started training for a 5K, with Couch to 5K and had a hard time finding time to run 3 times a week and do the P90X workouts. I've been doing the strength training videos on the days that I don't run. I'm 51 and was in pretty good shape, having been a Firm fanatic for years. I've lost 70 pounds on WW over the past 8 years or so but have never reached Lifetime. I rejoined this past Saturday, with the goal of losing the last 20 pounds. With running and P90X, I hope to do that this summer...I'm a pretty slow loser. I'm now also trying to increase my mileage to be able to run an 8K in September and would love to do a half marathon by next spring. As for protein, I started drinking the Biggest Loser Protein after a hard weight workout; It's not a large amount of protein but really low in points. I've enjoyed reading your posts. This evening I did Legs and Back (my least favorite workout). I love Cardio X, Kempo X, and Plyometrics though. Laveta
  8. I'm with Sarah, my window is the 30 minutes after I get home from work. I'm also in total agreement with Dr. JulieAnn. I've also been tracking my points for the first time in a year and am realizing that it's usually just one thing that puts me over the top for the day. I was not "officially" using any WPA's every day, while following CORE this past year, but I was eating way too many CORE baked goods, instead of just picking up a piece of fruit instead. I was also taking little bites of things that were not CORE and pretending like I was using WPA's, without actually being accountable for them. It has been a real eye opener for me this week to write everything down and count the points, even though I'm still only eating Filling Foods. Laveta
  9. Lynn, I don't have e-tools or anything else and when I got on the WW site it is all about the Momentum program. Laveta
  10. I SOOO agree with you! I also went to the WW boards and honestly felt bad the whole rest of the afternoon. I couldn't believe how mean they were! Honestly, if I only knew about that board, I probably would have quit WW a long time ago. I will probably never go there again!
  11. I LOVE new exercise stuff: FIRM videos (can't get enough) WalkVest - I LOVE IT! Weights Eliptical Exercise Ball workout clothes New walking shoes HRM - I HAD to have this last Christmas, only to find that when I do a workout video, the cable or TV or something keeps it from working.
  12. I absolutely do not cook separate meals, except for Friday pizza night. My entire family loves all the CORE recipes I cook. I've been using only brown rice and whole wheat pasta for many years, so they are used to that. They eventually got over it, if they wanted to eat.
  13. I rented an Amy Bento from NetFlix. Wow! It was called Hi Lo but there was absolutely no Lo anywhere, just Hi and Higher. (60 min.) I really like it though, if I could just get all the moves down. Laveta
  14. mmmm.....I totally forgot about this soup. We love it also, I need to make some tonight.
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