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  1. Hey Blake - Sorry I missed your message. I thought I was on a roll around Thanksgiving time last year. I am sorry to admit it didn't last long and I went into a backslide shortly after that - the winter and spring weren't kind to my OP progress at this I'm about 7 pounds less than I was when I began the journey back in '07. Glad to hear the family is doing well - I have got to get my rear in gear - I've checked out the board a few times without signing in but it's real quiet. I've been OP for a week and going to make a new run at it. Hang in there. O'Dawg

  2. Padre - Thanks for posting the update - like you, I check out this board when I need inspiration - and your updated post helped to do it. Congratulations on the recent Marathon finish - it's a great accomplishment. Great work. O'Dawg
  3. Hey Padre - your new pics are great - I come over to this section when I need motivation and your success does the trick. Great Work O'Dawg
  4. Hey Padre - the pics are amazing you've made great progress!! O'Dawg
  5. Nice job Blackbeard - great work - the pictures are a real inspiration. O'Dawg
  6. Gillian Nice work. The pictures say it all. Great job!! O'Dawg
  7. Bryan - The pics are amazing - it's results like yours that keep me motivated!! Great work And great progress on your journey to lifetime! O'Dawg
  8. NeeNee you look great - Keep taking pictures - I think it's easier to see the change when you look at pictures - I know when I look in the mirror I don't see much of a difference - but I know there is one. Keep up the great work! O'Dawg
  9. Nice work Mutesounds!! The pictures are great - keep up the great work O'Dawg
  10. Great Work Blake - CONGRATULATIONS!!! O'Dawg
  11. Nice work Liz - your progress really shows!! O'Dawg
  12. Joanna - AMAZING JOB!! Sorry for shouting but you deserve it!! You're on the final lap. Great work! O'Dawg
  13. Great Job!! I like the idea of intermediate goals it will help to keep you focused. Keep up the great work! O'Dawg
  14. Nice work Joan - the pictures say it all!! Keep up the great work. O'Dawg
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