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  1. Hey Buddies Crazy busy here- we move into camp on Thursday,so we've been doing a lot of preparing, cleaning here, finishing up some projects, and trying to enjoy our mini vacation before camp starts. Not sure how much I am looking forward to it ! Lynn-just a thank you for your post which I managed to read last night before going to bed. What really struck me is that you have had to start again, in the past, and re-commit to get back to goal AND that was at 45 y/o-where I am now. Thankfully not too far gone, but definitely NOT where I want to be to maintain. My 4th WW anniversary will be on Sept 21-just three months away. What better gift could I give myself than really getting myself together and making SiFi work for me (as CORE did in the past). I think I must be nervous about maintenance, or about my own self mastery when it comes to that stage. You have inspired me, once again, but this time even more personally-if a buddy can get herself back on track at 45, then i can, too. Sailor-best of luck with the dog Linda- I hope the weather holds out for you- what an exciting time in your life-and that of your daughter, as well !!! Gotta get the girls to gymnastics- Later, Buds
  2. You go, Girl !! Inspiring and true to SiFi-thanks for the example-I hope to get to where you are sometime soon !!!
  3. By the way- ours are named Ginny & Hermione. Any Harry Potter fans out there ??
  4. Cute ! We adopted twin sister kittens two years ago-they were from a litter of 5, found under some telephone wires that were coiled around a post. They are black & white as well. Too Too cute. They are two years old now, and just so funny. They were a lot more spunky as new kittens, but we have all come to appreciate and enjoy their personalities. NEVER did I think DH would go for this-but he helped me pick them out (actually they picked US out) and he loves to watch them play. DDs "kitty sat" for my DB for ten days . He picked the kitten up on Saturday. Now that was fun ! He was SO tiny and frisky- we all enjoyed it so much
  5. Hey Buddies- Quick hello (so what's new??!) We are busy here doing many household things before we go to camp next week. DD stayed overnight at my mom's-other DD was REALLY upset this morning-it just didn't "feel right" without her sister here. Younger DD was happy to drop her off yesterday-but is missing her now. So, I had her call and say hi, and then she took off with her little bro to play upstairs. Haven't seen them since, but I do hear them laughing. Guess she just neded to check in with the big sister. I had my physical for camp on Friday, the boys are having theirs right now. Glad that's over-not something I really look forward to ! HAPPY HAPPY news- DH asked me on Saturday if I could review SiFi with him, and he REALLY wants to work on it. I was SO happy-he's been "off the wagon" with SiFi for so long, and I must admit, that causes my resolve to waver. But we had a perfect weekend, I have his meals for today packed and ready (he has a meeting tonight, so i packed him dinner as well)It will be such a help knowing he's on board. New motivation-I'm pumped ! Well, I have several chores to get done. i know I won't be here much at all during the summer-I won't have a computer except when we come home for the weekends. Have a good one, buddies !
  6. 45 minute brisk walk on treadmill, upper body weight lifting
  7. Quick hello, Buds I have a physical for camp in a little while-then we are taking the kids out to dinner for graduation/promotions. Something we can only budget for once or twice a year, but since camp is coming up, we figured we'd enjoy it now while we can. They are excited-we will go to Chilis. BIG TREAT !!!!!!! My DB is picking up the kitten we have been sitting for while he was away for 12 days. its' going to be hard to see it go. He's SO cute Nothing new really going on. We were on the phone with the mortgage company for almost 3 hours this morning to see if we can work out a loan modification of some sort. (DH has been working on this-trying to get thru to someone for WEEKS) We have been denied any assistance, of ANY kind (we just want to lock into our current interest rate-don't want a handout or anything like that). We could possibly qualify if #1- my DH died, #2- We got a divorce, #3-we were separated, or #4- He was permanently disabled. As it seems we are not up for any of those options, looks like we are going to have to work something else out. Unbelievable. We are scraping away each month to make our payments on time-with DH cut in salary last year, it is way too tight. We have cut out ANY extras-cable, magazines, pretty much anything outside the house,etc, and we are still just making it. So, because we are doing the right thing, and actually paying our loan, they won't help us. The alternative, defaulting on the mortgage is NOT something we intend to do. It's almost like they are suggesting we do so, then they will help us. Crazy BUT- we are all healthy, happy, and eating good food, so it's cool Lynn- glad your back is on the mend. I miss swimming SO much. It is my dream, when the kids are all out, that we will move into a tiny place, near a pool, that I can swim my mile or two every morning like I used to . LOVE IT !!!! Sue- Good luck with all the parties,etc. You sound pretty darn busy. My son graduated last week. Based on our financial situation, not sure what the fall will bring,he's signed up and already gotten his class schedule to attend UCONN. We may end up deferring for a year and having him work to save for college. Not sure yet... Oh well- I have a few chores before my appointment. it IS slow here- and when I go to camp I know I'll only be able to check in sporadically-I won't have computer access till the weekends when I come home to do laundry and sleep in my OWN bed. So, I'll do my best to stay current with my buds. have a great weekend
  8. Nice, nice photos, Lynn. Thanks for sharing them !
  9. Glad it went so well, Lynn- and glad you are back
  10. Hey Buddies Hope everyone is doing ok.- I am the busy housecleaning lady today. We got the upstairs-bedrooms and bathrooms cleaned yesterday Today will be the kitchen/great room, den, dining room, bathroom, laundry room. I'm going to get the kids to tackle the playroom/schoolroom downstairs. I did 8 loads of laundry yesterday and hung it all out to dry. Included were sheets, blankets,clothes,etc. I still have not washed the boys bedding. Ran out of daylight sun-drying time !!! I'll add that in today. I had a great OP day yesterday, and am on track for today. Hope to hear from some buddies toay-have a good one
  11. Hey Buddies I hope everyone had a good weekend ! Mine was so relaxing-not sure why, but it was ! We are doing some major spring cleaning today, since schol is done for a while, the kids can help. We'll start w/ bedrooms & bathrooms today. Then, move on tomorrow. Don't want to use up all the fun in one day. i'll check in later. have a good one
  12. Hey Buddies Nice, quiet, soon to be stormy outside,kind of day here. The kids are all occupied with whatever it is they are enjoying. DH and I have had a nice realxing weekend. One benefit to not having any extra $$ to spend-lots more at home together time,board games,talking,stuff like that. I took the kids to Mass last night while DH was at his high school's graduation. He went this morning, and the kids slept late, so I had a pretty leisurely start to my day after my workout. I'm headed out to get charcoal for the grill-should the storm end or hold off long enough-DH is going to cook up hamburgers, chicken, veggies-hopefully enough for several days. Have a good one, Buddies
  13. 2 mile run and upper body weight lifting
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