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  1. hi guys..just wanna put my 2 cents in...sometimes its better to give yourself a break from all the exercise...it helps your body build and repair muscles and then lose weight...it works for me so wanted to share with everyone....kudos to all of u WW exercisers....we're the BEST!
  2. yo kim! just 3 days on the wendie plan and already lost a pound! yooooooohoooooooo...heres a flying kiss for ya...sssssmmmmmmooooocccchhhhh ...u rock!
  3. ohhh..i dont have words to thank you mannn! this makes absolute sense to me!..i have been notincing that whenever i eat a pizza...i seem to lose weight that week!....im starting the wendie plan tomorrow...u just gave me back hope...god bless u for that!
  4. the wendie plan? can u tell me where i can find it?
  5. well, the results are in...and apparently there is nothing wrong with my thyroids... .....maybe im cursed never to lose weight:bcb_cry:
  6. @mrss thanks for the great article on plateaus...it had some great tips but i dont seem to be doing anything wrong. an update: well i did go to my doctor yesterday and she also thinks that i might have some thyroid probs (specially when im "religiously following WW now and have been exercising at the gym for 5 days a week-including various high level/intensity classes)..to no avail. So she asked me to get some blood work done..which i got done today...lets wait and see what comes out of it...its soooo frustrating when uve been sooo good and working so hard but u dont see any results. I'll keep u posted, though.....
  7. hi everyone....im stuck on a platau since 5 months now...occasionally i'll drop 2-3 lbs...but then gain it right back after a while.....i exercise a lot and also keep changing my plan to give some variety,,suggestions anyone?
  8. hey thanks guys for welcoming me...i look fwd to having loads of info from this forum...by the way...can u please tell the pointd for a protein shake (130 cals)?
  9. hi everybody..what a great forum!...kudos to all of you for sticking to the plan or joining it (like me)... I am a 26 year old mom of 2 beautiful babies, a 2 and a half year old son and a 10 month old daughter....and yes..need to lose those extra 20lbs of pregnancy weight..but bcoz of the babies..i cant attend any of the WW meetings...so decided to join the forum. I just started my WW program last week and today is my 5th day and today when i looked at the scale i had lost 2 lbs?! is that possible? i hope its not all the water weight that im losing.... Anyways, its great to be a part of such an awesome forum. Will keep u all posted abt my acheivements. wish me luck:salut SW: 140lbs CW: 138lbs GW: 120lbs PGW: 110lbs ???? Height: 5.2
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