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  1. This does look good. I have to pick up a few things to make it, but I'm going to give it a try. Thank you~ Hugs, Dawna
  2. Good morning fellow exercisers, Well, here we are, once again ready to begin another week of glorious exercise. I'm about to hop on my NordicTrack. Thank you all for joining me last week and providing me with the inspiration to keep on movin~ Now, let's get going! (((hugs))) Dawna Sun. - NordicTrack, plus walking Mon.-NordicTrack, plus more walking Tues.-NordicTrack,plus walking Weds.- Thurs.- Fri.- Sat.-scheduled day off for recovery
  3. Hi there, when I got back into exercise, almost two years ago now, I began with WATP dvd's. I highly recommend them to a beginner. Dawna
  4. hmmmm....I don't know that I would try this with pork? Dawna
  5. Absolutely! Newme7, Come on in and join all of us, please. (((hugs,))) Dawna
  6. Hi there, Shar, Of course, you're more than welcome here~ Thank you for joining! Sweaty exercise (((hugs))), Dawna
  7. Hello there~ We have two sweet little pugs, "Bailey" & "Rockee". We have been "into" pugs for many years and always have at least two. Bailey is 5 and Rockee is 12. Our next pug is going to be a little girl and her name will be "Ruby". We have never had a little girl, only boys. We always "adopt" our pugs from breeders, and quite often it takes us months of searching, interviewing the breeders, looking at lineage/parents/siblings and travelling all over to find our new family member. Dawna
  8. Good morning, dear exercise buddies, First, I wanted to thank all of you (Treesaw, Artemesia, Laura, Girlinmotion, Showskimom, Cathy, Sue, Hazel, SpecialK, & Plcm) for joining me last week and inspiring me to "get up early & jump on that NordicTrack" each day. Now down to business.....last week was another good exercise week. I pushed myself past 7 miles on the NT several days. This was especially hard because it was very hot & humid here most of last week. Getting up each day at 4:40 a.m. to get my workout in early helps a lot. Then, I was struggling with a semi-migraine for 4 days, but I still exercised. No, no amount/type of exercise has ever helped me with these headaches. I don't get them too frequently, thank goodness, maybe 4 times a year or so. So, without further adieu, I will say, Hugs & hello's to all, Dawna Sun. - NT, plus walking Mon.- NT,plus walking,plus 4 hours cleaning out DS's room after he returned to college (believe me, that has to count for something) Tues.-NT, plus swimming Weds.-NT, plus walking Thurs.-NT,plus walking & swimming Fri.-NT,plus walking Sat.-scheduled day off for exercise
  9. Plcm, A question....which WATP are you doing? Just curious.. Dawna
  10. Good morning,fellow exercise buddies, Well, here we are again....ready to begin another week~ Last week was pretty good for me. I worked out out on my NordicTrack 6 days, and combined that with walking & swimming. This morning was a real challenge for me. We are in the 2nd.day of a brutal heatwave with high humidity, but I got up extra early this morning to get my NT workout in before the house really heats up. So here we go~ Hugs, Dawna Sun.- 7 miles NordicTrack(50.22 min., 600 cal.burned),plus lots & lots of swimming Mon.-45 mins. N.T.,plus swimming Tues.-7 miles NT (46.15 mins.,600 cal.burned),plus swimming (too darn hot for walking) Weds.-7 miles N.T. (46.44 mins.,600 cal.burned-Note: increased intensity) plus walking Thurs.-7.5 miles N.T., (49.08 mins.,641.20 cal.burned) Fri.-7.0 miles N.T. (46.18 mins.,600 cal.burned) Sat.-scheduled day off for recovery
  11. So glad you liked it! and you have reminded me that I haven't made it for a long time, but the last time I did, I used a small oval-shaped trivet in the bottom of my large oval crock instead of the aluminum balls. It came out just as good. Using aluminum in this recipe never felt right to me. Dawna
  12. Good Sunday morning, exercise buddies~ I'm sitting here having my ice coffee, thinking of all of you, and contemplating my exercise for the day. Last week I was only able to workout on the NT 5 days. For some reason, I was bushed by the middle of the week. It was probably from work-related stress. Who knows.... Anyway I took a morning off, slept a little later, felt a whole lot better, and managed to not beat myself up too much. Still lovin those NordicTrack workouts, I remain, your devoted exercise buddy, Dawna Sun. - NT,plus walking Mon.-NT,plus walking Tues.-NT,plus walking Weds.-NT,plus swimming Thurs.-NT,plus walking Fri.-NT,plus swimming (too hot for walking today) Sat.-scheduled day off for recovery
  13. This does sound good! Thank you~ Naturally, I was in BJ's yest. and saw they had big bags of the brocolli coleslaw. Since I didn't know about this recipe at the time, I passed on it...isn't that always the way! Back to B.J.'s... Thank you hugs, Dawna
  14. Thanks, Nancy....good one, "snake" I mean.... I hadn't noticed that. Dawna
  15. Good Sunday morning, buddies~ I am sitting here contemplating my NT workout and thinking of all of you. Last week was a good exercise week for me. I got in 6 days even though it was very warm and humid here. Please join me again! Hugs, Dawna Sun.- NT,plus swimming (weather permitting) Mon.-NT, plus walking Tues.-NT,plus Swimming & walking Weds.-badly needed day off... just plain old worn out.. Thurs.-back on track with 45 min.NT workout,plus lots & lots of swimming this afternoon Fri.-NT,plus swimming Sat.-scheduled day off for recovery
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