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  1. Have already gotten 4 servings of water today and have journaled all food so far.
  2. Linette, those sound great! Hey, nice seeing you here again, I remember you from the mom's thread a few years back!
  3. Mom of two lovely girls, ages 5 and 2 1/2! I work 4 evenings a week as an adult education instructor at a community college; I am 40, married for 16 years, love to read, love reading about health and nutrition, starting to enjoy exercise again. I lost 60 lbs with WW in 2004-2005 then had two kids. I never gained all the weight back, but I am still pretty far from my goal which is 150 lbs. Love to connect with other moms, especially those that juggle work outside the home with kids and family life, I need all the support I can get!

  4. I like Kashi Heart to Heart, very filling and 2 pts per cup. Total Honey Almond Crunch with flax is tasty and filling at 3 pts per cup.
  5. I use 1% milk instead of skim - same points value, but I can use skim if need be.
  6. I just finished "Lit" by Mary Karr. It is her third memoir (she wrote the famous "Liar's Club") and it chronicles her writing life as a poet, her life as mother, academic, alcoholic, and Catholic convert. She is a Texan with attitude but quite lyrical in her writing. Her insight on addiction certainly caused me to take a look at my own food addictions. I also read "The Beleivers" by Zoe Heller, and "Everything is Illuminated" by Jonathan Safran Foer."
  7. Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try Again. Fail again. Fail better.


    Samuel Beckett

  8. Fat Free refried beans 2% Ameri cheese slices
  9. In making WW taco soup, I subbed MSF soy crumbles for lean ground beef - would that lower the points from 2 per cup to 1 per cup? Everything else in recipe stayed the same. I had the crumbles stored in something other than the package they came in so don't have NI. I would say I used about 1 cup and a 1/2 of the crumbles. Thanks!
  10. Found this at Walmart - Nature's Pride 100% whole wheat (first ingredient whole wheat flour), no high fructose corn syrup, 2g fiber per slice, and $1.78 a loaf. Very very soft and tasty.
  11. Sue I will look for those Thomas muffins at 1 pt! I am sure they couldn't be higher than the WW kind which are about $3.50 where I live.
  12. Kashi cookies - I got a free sample of their oatmeal and dark choc. in mail and it was awesome - not sure which section of the store to look for these, however?! Haven't found them yet.
  13. This is my complaint with so many of the WW products (excluding the Smart Ones) - way too $$$. I can't afford the Eng. muffins or bagels but when I have had them, I like them alot.
  14. I am still waiting for an envie that was supposed to have been sent out last week - anyone know what is going on?
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