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  1. Well, even though a calorie is a calorie and I don't think that it's going to MAJORLY affect your weight loss as long as you're staying OP, I think you might benefit from stopping eating 3 hours before you plan on going to bed. For me, this means I usually stop eating around 7:30 or 8. This is because your metabolism slows way down while you're sleeping, so you could give your body a better chance at digesting your food if you have a cut off time like that. It has helped me lose weight but that's just me.
  2. it's my official first day back too, so i'm with ya. i've struggled with food obsession too, to the point where food is constantly on my mind, and i think it might just take some time and patience to get over that. but what i'm doing now that i think will help is just planning out everything i will put in my mouth the day before, and the next day i will have a specific plan to go by...and i won't need to think about it anymore than that. i know that i won't be planning out every little thing for the rest of my life, but right now i need that kindof structure to follow. good luck, you can do it!
  3. i know! i personally like these WAY more than the oats & chocolate bars. the peanut butter ones almost taste like dessert to me!
  4. thanks so much guys, i appreciate the help. this is coming as a shock because i can't imagine how many extra points i have been using up throughout the day. so this is ONLY if i have two servings of something in ONE sitting? but if i spread them out over the day then i could just count them normally? like i said, if i have a 2 point snack before lunch and a 2 point snack before dinner (both the same item), then i can just count them as 2 points...but if i were to have them BOTH as my snack before dinner, that would add up not to 4 points but a different number? this is what's really confusing to me because it seems like it would still be the same number of calories going into my body whether or not they are in one sitting...
  5. okay, i understand now, nevermind. so you have to recalculate the points ONLY IF you have two servings of something, excluding fruits and veggies? does this also count for dairy? or is this just because of the 4g fiber cap, so I should just recalculate if i know an item has a lot of fiber in it?
  6. i'm still kindof confused because you guys gave me two different answers. the point calculator i've been using doesn't have decimals, so everything i figure out comes to 1 point, 2 point, etc. what's the difference though, if i have a 100 calorie pack at lunch and 100 calorie pack at dinner, or if i just have both of them at once? isn't it the same number of calories going in? should i count an EXTRA point for a situation like this?
  7. a 1 lb loss is actually a great thing and you should learn to be really excited about it. it's not easy at first because you're expecting a lot more, i know the feeling, but at least you lost something you know? you're going to have weeks where you lose 1 lb, 3 lb, or maybe just .5 lb. if you're OP you're doing great, just make sure you're getting enough water and your 8HG and you can't try and accelerate the process...just be patient!
  8. i've been on ww for about 2 and a half weeks. i don't have meetings in my area or the money to subscribe online right now, so i've been following the program on my own. i've just realized by reading a post on the weightwatchers.com forums that 1 point does not necessarily always add up to 2 points when you double it. for instance, sometimes i will have two 100 calorie packs which are worth 2 points each and count that as 4 points, but apparently that's wrong? can you guys please help me out and explain the "adding up" system to me? i mean, does this mean that if i have two apples in one sitting, worth 1 point each, that they don't actually add up to 2 points together? i'm really confused.
  9. hey guys, i've been on ww for a couple of weeks now on my own (no meetings in my area and can't afford online right now!)...doing good, but I'm not ABSOLUTELY SURE that i have been going by the right Daily Points Allowance. I'm looking for the quiz (lifestyle, age, sex, weight, height, etc...) that you use to determine your Daily Points. I know this question is probably getting old but I really want to be certain. I would really appreciate your help!
  10. No, I wouldn't worry about 2 points an hour or so before you go to bed. It's not really the TIME that you eat your points that affects your weight loss, but if you are taking in EXTRA- that will. Of course, you could always just balance out your flex points so you could have something extra in addition to your daily points later at night when you're feeling hungry...that might be a good idea. I did watch an Oprah once that was talking about weight loss and it mentioned that when you're starting to feel hungry late at night, that is just your body saying it's ready to burn fat, and you have to learn to ignore your hunger pangs sometimes because you have to allow yourself to feel slightly hungry at times if you're trying to lose weight. Of course if it's like you're FAMISHED and can't take it anymore you're so hungry, that's when you could have a little something if you feel like it.
  11. alright, so i'm going out of town this weekend to visit a friend and as always, i know we'll be going out to eat a LOT. usually this isn't a problem because i can just research the restaurant's nutritional info ahead of time and plan what i'm going to have, but in this case she lives in a city with a lot of independent cafes and restaurants, no nutritional info provided, and we never go to common chain restaurants. do you guys have any suggestions for staying OP or just making the best choice (if i have no clue what the points could be for something) in this situation? i can predict that we'll probably be going to a sushi restaurant and a mexican restaurant (this particular one is SO HARD to find healthy choices at. everything is either fried, creamy, greasy or loaded with cheese) for sure. should i just try to eat a portion of what i'm having instead of the entire dish? i've got to make a plan!
  12. slow churned low fat ice cream by edy's is my favorite...ESPECIALLY the new american idol "take the cake" flavor, it's amazing...and 2 points for 1 serving. sometimes it's worth it if i'm really wanting ice cream, but a 1/2 cup is so small for a serving of ice cream
  13. i just had a quick question about flex points. although i do like to use them, i was wondering if i could kindof jumpstart the weight loss process by not using any flex points for about 2 weeks. if i did this, could i go back to using them after that time and not expect a gain, or would my body be used to getting less fuel by then?
  14. sooo i made a post only about 3 days ago about how i hadn't seen a change on the scale yet, a bit confused, and i've been on ww for about 2 weeks. well, tonight i got on the scale just out of curiousity and I LOST 3.6 POUNDS!!! i couldn't believe it and was SO HAPPY. it wasn't just because of the loss either. tonight i had a huge urge to binge and for once gained complete control of my eating and resisted the temptation. now that i see this change on the scale i feel even stronger and more motivated to stay OP and keep going! I LOVE WW!
  15. thanks for all of the advice guys...just not sure what's going on here but i'm going to keep going anyway. no matter how frustrating it can be not seeing a change on the scale...i know that going back to my old dieting (restricting and always binging eventually) is just not an option. as far as not getting enough fuel, i'm not so sure, because i don't really FEEL like i'm doing a lot of work (i exercise only at moderate intensity right now, 30 min 5 days a week)...but i'll let you guys know when i see the numbers change.
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