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  1. Thank you, I found me too, Don't know where I have been on the list. Maybe it was just my not looking right. Who knows. Nice to know a fellow north Texan. I graduated from Plano High School (only one there at the time) in the 60s. Surely has changed. Thanks for your help. Thanks for your welcome, javaluuver Jan
  2. I am a newbie and I just don't know my way around yet. As I was looking at the members list, I noticed that my screen name is not there. I have a profile and everything and I have already begun posting some on the 50-60 age group. I also can't find the place where the little weight blurb is added. I thought maybe you had to have so many posts to be put on the members list, but I just don't know about that. I just didn't know if I didn't check some box or something. Thank you so much.
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