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  1. Right now it seems to be banana's and salad with light Balsamic dressing. The funny thing is I use to hate banana's but now I eat 1-2 a day.
  2. I am also coming back from around 2007. I am doing the old program also I can't remember the name of it right now without getting up (lol, guessing it is Points Plus ) but I am using my old calculator with the 35 flex points a week. The first time I did it I lost 75lbs but that was with 2 hours of exercise a day and I just do not have time to commit like that, I ended up gaining 38 back after having a baby. So slow and steady this time around, eating better and exercising when I can. I am looking for a lifestyle change to get healthy more than the actual weight loss. I am setting my goal at 160 starting at 227, down to 221.6 in 2 weeks. I am not going to lie I ate junk 24/7 so just drinking water and adding fruits/veggies in addition to lean meats and low fat dairy is a huge advance for me.
  3. I'm at almost 40 loss and not much change. I went and bought a pair of capri's today that were almost a little snug. The weired thing was it is the size that I wore 40lbs heavier and my other clothes in this size are big. I think we get use to our new weight and can't really see it.
  4. Lesa, look how skinny you are getting! You look great, I can't believe the difference!
  5. I had two things that was the last straw. 1. Is that I can't keep up with my 3 year old DD and I don't want her to have to be teased because she has a fat mom. 2. Was a picture of me sitting next to my dd at Christmas and I had 10 chins. That was it for me. I never realised how bad it had become.
  6. I have all sorts of junk food in my house because of my Dh. I eat as healthy as I can through out the day and work out to earn AP's. Having these allow me to have a cookie if I want it. You need to find something that shows why you want to loose weight. Is it to wear a certain sized clothing? Then buy a cheap outfit in that size and hang it on the door to remind you. Are you doing it for your kids or loved ones? Then put a pic on the fridge. I am the type of person that really needs to be inspired. I look at my DD and that helps. I had to actually join a meeting to get back on track because I am an emotional eater and I was going through hard times, knowing that I have to weigh in at the end of the week helps. If you can get rid of the junk food than do it, if not find something that inspires you!
  7. I am aiming for the very top of what I should be. At my meeting today they said that if you think the weight WW's is saying is your goal is too low you can get a Dr's note on what they think is your healthy weight. If you do this they will use this instead.
  8. I stopped drinking pop almost completely, diet or other wise, sticking just with water, juice, or Crystal Light products. I have not seen any extra lose from doing so, but I heard somewhere that you can have caffeine drinks as long as you replace it with equal amounts of water as stated above. I'm not sure if this is true, but I am sure one of the veterans can clarify this.
  9. Joanne, thanks for the reply! I went out tonight and bought some. I can't wait to give them a try.
  10. Can someone tell me how much these weigh? I bought the video's and now I want to go get the balls but I am not sure how much they weigh. Thanks!
  11. If you know how to figure out the points you can go to www.yum.com and go to nutrition area. They have it so you can customize your order.
  12. I wouldn't count your daily activity as AP's. Now if you go out for a walk or running with the specific purpose of exercising then go for it.
  13. I would join for a couple months if you need help getting on track or if you need the validation of weighing in to someone every week. Or if you are not working out with weight training or a variety of toning exercise you may want to put the money towards joining a gym. I have a co worker that is 140 and wants to be 130. She is really struggling with that 10 lbs but I keep telling her she is not fat that she just needs to tone up. When you get the that point that is usually more helpful, a trainer there can tell you what you need to do to get that pesky 10 lbs to go away. Good luck!
  14. Thanks for the replies, I am glad to see that the bike is okay. I really hope my knee situation will approve with time.
  15. I always tell hubby to take my daughter and go take a nap so I can exercise in peace...lol.
  16. I just have a couple of questions: 1. Is it okay to exercise everyday or is that to much on the body? 2. I worked out for 6 hours this week but 4.5 was on my recumbent exercise bike, and the rest was either a video or working with resistance bands. Is it okay to do the majority of the exercising on a bike? I try to do other things but the bike is the only thing that I can do for more than a few minutes without bothering my knees. Thanks!
  17. Can anyone tell me what their meals usually consist of? my morning consists of 1/2 cup dry oatmeal ( about 1 cup cooked) with 1 tsp cinnamon and 2 packets of splenda and a 1 point fruit. lunch- always has a salad with lettuce, carrots, cabbage, 1 tsp of cheese, and 0 point spray Italian dressing with either soup or a small amount of meat ect. Dinner is same salad with what ever is planned. Snacks- 1 point fruits, carrots, 1 point yogurt. I am on flex (28 points) so I base my meals on what I eat for lunch since I work for a Dr's office and we get catered lunches a lot. If I need extra points I add workout's for AP's or use a few flex points. How they space out their points? I always have a 3 point breakfast and use low point snacks during the day to keep most of my points for lunch and dinner when I am the hungriest. Will it really work? I hope so, I have lost 23 lbs since Jan 2nd, this is the 1st time I have been able to stick with it for more than a few weeks. Are you ever hungry? Sometimes, but I eat some veggies or 1 point fruits to hold me over till meal time. Do you eat all of your points? If you eat ALL of the points allotted will you still lose consistently? At this point I do, and if I don't loose I add more exercise. I am also a quantity eater. I love food and love to feel full, even if it's A LOT of veggies. Can you eat too many veggies or fruit? As long as your stomach doesn't get upset from all of it, and you stay in your points, go for it!!
  18. I always get 1 cup Broccoli and Beef with 1 cup white rice. Yum!
  19. I love the Italian and use it everyday. I can't wait for the new flavors...woo hoo!!
  20. lol....your title made me laugh! Welcome to the board, I laugh because from where I am sitting I look up to see several Voltron robots and figures of robots from japan staring back at me... Thanks to my husband, and yes there are Transformers in the other room...
  21. Thanks for the reply! It looked like an interesting item, hopefully once I drop a little more weight I can join a gym for the toning.
  22. I am looking for an alternative to crunches to work the abs. I carry a lot of my extra weight in the stomach area and crunches are just not working out right now. Has anyone tried the ab wheel? Thanks!
  23. ~shannon~


    Does anyone have any of these video's? They had it on the newsletter as a exercise to try, but honestly the website for it seems to good to be true and the full set is pretty expensive. Does anyone have this, and does it really work as quick as it says? Thanks!
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