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    3 egg whites are 1 pt
  2. I hadn't posted pics before.. so here is my start and a picture of where I am now: http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x253/tradersgirl/before5.jpg http://i181.photobucket.com/albums/x253/tradersgirl/Picture21.jpg
  3. I voted for you with all of my email addy's!! Good luck!
  4. Angel Food cake layered with: Splenda sweetened strawberries Blueberries FF Cool Whip mmmmm 2pts per serving
  5. Too funny!!! I just shared with my co-workers!! They got a laugh. Thanks!!!!
  6. As of today's weigh in I have lost 25.4 lbs!!! Yayay!! This was in my 14 weeks of at work WW. Woooooooooohooooooooooooo!!! ----Tradersgirl:bcb_bigsm :bcb_bigsm
  7. Good morning all! I have a question... How many activity points should I set as a goal per week? I logged 14 last week. I wanted to know what WW recommends. If anyone knows, the answer will be appreciated! If not, I will ask my leader at my next meeting. ---Tradersgirl
  8. I LOVE this salad!!! It is my mainstay for Mc D's now!! Yummmmmmmmmm:bcb_bigsm
  9. Tried the oats and chocolate. Wonderful, yummy!! BUT the stomach cramps, etc were NOT worth it for me. My WW leader advised they did her system the same way. Congrats on all those that can eat them without the "side effects" lol
  10. Coco, Just a suggestion.... fast walk 2-3 times a week for about an hour. I cut down my strength training to 1-2 times a week for 30 minutes. I need cardio to burn fat. I started walking and it moved the scale! I also don't eat after 8pm. ---Tradersgirl
  11. Just a quick note... A real egg is 2 points.. however 3 egg whites are just 1 point! I normally eat 1 point toast, egg whites, and a (1pt ) 2% cheese slice as a sandwich for breakfast at least once a week. That is a YUMMY 3 point breakfast! Good luck on your weightloss journey! ---Tradersgirl
  12. You may want to try what some of us call the Wendie plan. It makes your body guess everyday what it is getting so it will not be so efficient in burning what fuel you give it everyday. In a nutshell... it means alternating your flex points daily. For your weight. --- less than 150 lbs the Wendie plan recommends the following: Day1- 20 points Day2- 25 points Day 3- 21 points Day 4 35 points (super high day) Day 5- 20 points Day 6- 24 points Day 7- 22 points I make my super high day on Saturday when I like to eat out and can commit time to a long hike or more intense exercise. If your new ww points target is less than 20 I figured it below for you. Hope this helps If your point target range is 18 per day... that is a total of 161 points per week, that includes your flex points. The Wendie plan as written above is giving you 167 points so if you want modify your low point days to 18, Day 3 to 20 pts, Day 6 to 23, and you will have the same number of points -161. Remember the points are yours, DON'T feel guilty about using them... eat more, lose more but stay OP! ----Tradersgirl I don't use AP for food either.
  13. Hi all, I found this site recently and have just started back on ww. I lost 42lb about 2 years ago.. and now the weight is back ie: a divorce and an entire life change. Anyways.... I have enjoyed peeping around the site:bcb_bigsm btw The Wendie plan is very interesting!
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