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  1. You look awesome! I am stuck at a plateau and might switch to Core to see if that makes a difference. Been stuck for almost 2 months or so...
  2. I was last measured in March of 2007, and these were my measurements: Weight: 188 Bust: 41 Waist: 34 Abdomen: 42 Hips: 44 Thighs: 24 Arms: 13.5 Today: Weight: 167 Bust: 38.5 Waist: 30.5 Abdomen: 32.5 (big difference from last yr) Hips: 41 Thighs: 22 Arms: 11.5 I am so happy!! I was shocked at how much I lost in my abdomen and waist.
  3. :bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo:bcb_bravo
  4. I rarely post but had to say "You look AWESOME".. I love your hair in the last pic, the lighter color, it suits you really well. It brings out your eyes!!
  5. Hi Shelly, and welcome!
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