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  1. Hi Ruatha! Time to exercise can be a challenge for me too, I do better when my friends drag me out. Come join the weekly thread so we will get to know you!
  2. My kitchen trick is to keep those things that you can't be without, but that might be triggers for you, in opaque containers on a bottom shelf of the pantry. For example, for me this might be chocolate chips that I want on hand for baking. Out of sight, out of mind. One of the best pieces of advice I ever heard from a leader, was to keep that top, eye-level shelf on your fridge with your favourite colorful, ready to eat fruits and veggies, healthy foods, and water. Then when you have that "what's in the fridge" moment the stuff you see first is healthy and appealing. Oh, and here is a cool website with pictures of the insides of people's fridges: http://www.good.is/post/picture-show-you-are-what-you-eat/
  3. My "resolution" for this year was hard... last year was a year of many major changes for me. I finished a long term contract, lost 35 pounds, developed some hobbies outside of work (for the first time in years!) and moved overseas for a new job. So my goal for the year is basically, stay the course. I need to keep on going, keep focused, and keep making progress towards my life goals. For the medium term, I want to be able to identify at least one thing I did every day that moves me towards my WL goals. For the week, my goal is to finish calculating out ProPoints for my favorite meals and snacks, and writing them out on post it notes on the kitchen wall, so that it will be easier for me to track my points under the new program. CW, I hope things improve for you soon.
  4. Kris, I LOVE Firefly!! CW, persistance is my secret to success... which is why the Jon Bon Jovi quote is perferct: Success is falling nine times and getting up ten. Here's a couple more: I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it. - Jonathan Winters I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed. - Michael Jordan The measure of success is not whether you have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it is the same problem you had last year. - John Foster Dulles
  5. Makes sense to me because just fruit for a meal will not satisfy me and I end up hungry later. Fruit as a part of a meal is OK. Bottom line for me is that I can't allow myself to have just fruit and call it a meal. Now that is a very timely question for me seeing as how it's Australian summer now and I often get dehydration headaches during hot weather. You'd think that would be enough to trigger me to drink more, but that hasn't really been the case. Instead I've just been walking around trying to ignore the headache and using it as an excuse to take it easy. So I will be working on this in the next week. Thanks CW! I'm expecting to have a pretty easy time with food choices in the next week as I have my sister visiting who is on a very restrictive diet for medical reasons... very low fat, very small quantities, mostly veggies and fruit with a small amount of certain lean protiens and some grains. I'm not matching her quantities (I couldn't!!) but am limiting myself mostly to the same types of food when I'm eating with her, because I don't want to make it any harder than it has to be for her. She's staying with me through end of December.
  6. I'm finding it hard to not be able to calculate points in my head, and not know points for all of the things I eat regularly. So I think you all have good ideas about labelling and making your own food lists. On the other hand, I'm finding it easy to reach for fruit instead of other snacks, since I don't have to calculate points for that...
  7. Hanna - I think my reasons for negative behaviour are partly the same as you - numbness and something to do. I eat when I'm stressed, and when I'm bored. Frankly I do a lot better when I'm involved with things that are incompatible with eating... like last night, I did very well by pulling out a sewing kit and mending a couple of pairs of pants. It's useful, and it requires both hands. ETA: I'm not sure I've ever made it to the capability/identity stages before, I keep getting tripped up with behaviour. I'm almost 35 pounds from my highest weight, which is the most I've ever lost, and am having a hard time with motivation and more importantly, with the day to day behaviours I know I need to continue in order to keep losing weight.
  8. Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can. -- Arthur Ashe We are always getting ready to live but never living -- Ralph Waldo Emerson In today already walks tomorrow -- Fredrich von Schiller
  9. Second Hanna's excitement... I have not been happy with the Australian program since I moved here from Canada in July (no weekly points!!) But now it looks like we are all going to be on the same program which is so much better! Ann - I saw your post about your old leader and I know who you were talking about, she was really great!! However I sent you a PM about a good leader who works in your area (at least she did in July when I left).
  10. CW, I love the online weekly meeting idea! Dee - "any time is a tough time to start if you are not in the right mindset" - that is me in a nutshell. Like anyone else I have good periods and bad periods. Planning and tracking are the two things that define my good periods, though. I will say that a "new" program is a good kick to get back on track and doing something different. I appreciate the focus on healthy foods, which is not unlike my old leader a few years back, who used to talk about doing the flex plan and counting points, but eating mostly off the core foods list.
  11. I moved from Canada (same program as USA) to Australia (same program as the UK) in July. My points went from 33/day to 25/day. My weekly points went from 35/week to "what's a weekly points allowance?". It's not quite that simple, since points here are calculated based on only kJ (calorie equivalent) and saturated fat - so there are some things that are less points but many are the same. So, I stayed on the Canadian program. I know it, it works, and it was WAY easier than the Australian program. Unfortunately, that did make meetings much less useful for me. I'm planning on cancelling my Australian monthly membership as a result.
  12. Are you looking for breakfast just for you or for kids too - cold cereal or oatmeal made in the microwave are quick and easy for one person. My sister made pancakes ahead to keep in the freezer for her 2 kids (3 years and 15 mos) - she also added pureed pumpkin or sweet potato to the pancake batter to help the kids get in their veggies. Toaster or microwave to thaw them out in the morning. My dad used to do a breakfast rotation, five different breakfasts each done on a specific weekday. I think some of Kimberleys suggestions could easily be worked into that kind of system and saves you from having to think about it in the morning.
  13. I cook a lot but I had to check the link to find out what concasse meant. Now that I know it is a tomato soup I will probably try out the recipe some day soon! I have found a few canned tomato soups that I like but never had a good recipe to make it myself.
  14. The Australian program (WW Satisfaction Plan) allows you to save up to 4 points per day, as I recently learned. However I think you will have a hard time finding someone here who knows the Time for Success program as most here are in US or Canada and the rules will be different. Probably your leader is the best person to ask about whether your plan allows saving of points. Re: number of points per day, if I were you I would follow whatever is published in the program materials and reduce points as I lost weight according to the formula given.
  15. My cold cereal of choice is Raisin Bran - 55g = 3 points. Add milk for a 5 point, filling breakfast. Of course, I love oatmeal too, mostly because it is so filling. If you are trying to get into it, maybe try the instant oatmeals which are sweetened and tastier. Although I have been making oatmeal in the microwave most mornings for the last week or so, one part quick-cooking oatmeal to two parts water, microwave 2 minutes, mix in 1 teaspoon sugar and some cinnamon and top with 2 cut up strawberries - it is fantastic and just as quick as cold cereal to make and eat.
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